Amazon third party sellers selling pirated books the sale of pirated books nearly one thousand copie


third party platform sales of pirated books, this not only allows the reader to accept, so many publishers also feel a little disappointed.

and behind the incident, revealed that Amazon’s third party platform in the access and operation of the regulatory issues.

daily sales of pirated copies of nearly a thousand copies of

Chinese appeared for many consumers, pirated books on Amazon, is a bit "Thriller".

as the electricity supplier observers Huang Jialang said of the new financial reporter: "how many people will be so careful to distinguish whether a Book piracy, even if available, will be considered the printing problems, but rarely suspected of piracy, which is Amazon had established authority."

According to the "

" and "see" literary memoirs "two books at Amazon Chinese sales ranking and Amazon China background for my agency supply provide sales data to estimate," see "," literary memoirs "two books every day from the Amazon Chinese third party sales channels selling pirated books nearly a thousand copies." After being subjected to piracy violations, Normal University Publishing House Bert Book Company (hereinafter referred to as the "Bert"), the reporter made a simple financial statistics of the financial secretary of the press of the Guangxi normal university.

in April of this year, Bert Amazon through the back of the sales data monitoring found that the original day sales of nearly a thousand copies, see suddenly slipped to only one hundred or two hundred.

Amazon at this time on "see" a Book of the default link has been replaced by third party sellers. After the deployment of third party seller Yangshu, Bert found the price below 40 percent off of the price difference, are useful books, paper print typo, fuzzy trace piracy. In its purchase of 25 copies of "see", there are 24 copies of pirated copies, the purchase of the 10 copies of the literary memoirs are all pirated, and are unable to provide invoices.

found the pirated book, BBT would buy pirated books store link address, delivery page screenshots, the sale of books and other relevant evidence to the Amazon China a number of departments and complaints platform specified.

until recently, Amazon China gave a response: at present, we are actively communicating with publishers to the legitimate rights and interests of publishers as a priority. If the investigation is true, confirmed that the presence of third square sellers in the Amazon China, such as the sale of pirated books infringement violations, we will close its sales outlets. Currently, the investigation and evidence collection stage."

at present, suspected of selling pirated third party sellers have been forced off the Amazon China.

"two of our publishing works," see "," literary memoirs "of the third party stores have been closed, as for other books of the third party or other publishers, but also to be determined." Bert of Amazon’s reply: "still complained about Amazon’s response, the reader heart will have a steelyard."

Bert said, "see", "literary memoirs," the two book is not for Amazon China

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