Speed transit nstitute liquor trading volume of electricity suppliers or 5 years to achieve

according to incomplete statistics, the current wine e-commerce market has an independent domain name and web site up to more than 100. However, as a 5000 year history of the Chinese wine industry, has a huge loyal consumer groups and huge profit margins, but in the development of e-commerce is facing many bottlenecks, sales far below the line channels.

wine is a necessary commodity for people’s life, work and communication. Wine business in the rough in groping forward, recently as the first domestic whole category of liquor electricity supplier brewmaster network and threonic to carry out strategic cooperation, which will further promote the liquor products for the Internet, the confusion in the liquor business tomorrow a little light. Today, speed transit institute takes you to explore the world of wine.

a. Consumer behavior analysis of wine products

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wine varieties and specifications of a variety of rich and colorful. There is life standing, summer special drink beer party public goods; liquor; bars, restaurants and other places of the best drink Wine and wine; taste sweet wine; has the function of health care wine and health wine etc.. Through the questionnaire star survey data show that the liquor (less than 39 degrees) is one of the most commonly purchased categories, with the arrival of summer, beer has entered people’s daily life, Wine and wine with habits and behavior to improve people’s living standard, it has become one of the most often buy wine.

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learned that people often buy wine category, and then naturally want to know how long people buy, the frequency of how to buy. People buy wine can be broadly divided into two uses: their own consumption and entertainment. Within a week of the purchase of 1 – 2 times the population accounted for nearly half of the proportion of 46.15%, and the proportion is close; within a week of almost not for the purchase of the crowd; 3 – 5 of the population accounted for 15.38%, more than 5 of the population accounted for 3.85% of the two parts of the population are mostly for entertainment.

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beer, liquor, wine is the people of all walks of life in society, as well as festivals, Party entertainment essential thing. Already have and daily necessaries and other daily necessities, become the necessities of life. It is due to the popularity of wine, a wide range of applications, sales channels are also very dense. Shopping malls, supermarkets, community retail stores have sales, but also become the most popular way to buy. Due to various reasons, the new online purchase channels have not been fully affirmed in daily life, only 13.79% of the people who buy online. Logistics issues, the specificity of wine purchase, consumer concerns and other factors have become the obstacle.

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what is the most important consumer purchase

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