Sheng Lin network marketing elite team is how to build

network promotion work in detail I see:

a, development prospects:

with the rapid development of the network, the future development trend of the network is becoming more and more popular, the network has become a social platform for the exchange of virtual. When you have your own domain name, and have their own website, if you do not put the site in time to promote the site, no one visit the site is a pity, in fact, there is no sense of the site. Only let the buyer know your site, and know your product, know your contact information, really can enjoy endless Internet resources, expand

own customer channel, will promote your product.

many visionary companies, companies have long been aware of the Internet to bring their own broad prospects for the development of enterprises, have robbed the internet. Give yourself the enterprise network, is to rely on the advantages of the Internet, their business to the Internet, take the express train of e-commerce.

two, work purpose:

web site promotion, visibility level of future site will determine a company’s prospects! In the network company will not based on will be eliminated as ranks! Companies set up their own website on the Internet, how to let more of your customers and partners know, this is the meaning of website promotion. Today, with the rapid development of network economy and e-commerce, many enterprises have realized the necessity of setting up enterprise websites. But after building up the company website, if not for the promotion, then the enterprise products and services on the Internet is still not known, not a site set up, so that enterprises in the establishment of the website that should start after using a variety of methods to promote their own websites.

will be connected to the major search engine site or in the brand portal (such as: the sale of the Library) to do publicity link. In order to achieve the promotion of the website, improve the visibility of the enterprise, promote enterprise products, improve the purpose of enterprise income.

three, promotion and distribution (team):

1, data analysis group:

supervisor is responsible for the analysis of the background data.

2, post promotion group:

specific process: stick it promotion: "computer school" bar, and so on as the core, to expand the influence of post bar, do with the post link propaganda. It mainly apply for Post Bar, entertainment, technology, education mainly Post Bar, multi application bar, get more initiative. The use of technology post bar, the campus network teaching seminars, campus related news activities to do it. Promotion stick: Baidu post bar, there is a quick paste, gold paste it, QQ said, Sogou search bar, sina bar…… Which way and search it, apply to the relevant moderator. Do our technical exchange area.

expected effect: through the promotion of post bar, you can give our website to bring the corresponding flow and customer base.

undertake data analysis group work: >

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