Enterprise e commerce how to cope with the negative impact of those unwarranted

enterprise network marketing opened a new chapter in addition to the traditional sales model, many companies have been in great profit. However, the virtual Internet sales, but in which seems to be in smooth water, and filled with much competition? From the construction of enterprise website promotion, to guide the sales, every facet of business in network marketing success. But also because of its virtual nature contributed to the number of unfair competition, playing the station, slander is not a minority. So many enterprises are helplessly accept, this is "slander" to the topic: enterprise network marketing, how to eliminate the adverse effects of these unwarranted, the maintenance of brand image of


1: request to delete negative information

management of the Internet, created a "libel and slander" origin, now has a large number of websites can release information anonymously, will not be the authenticity of information investigation. After being included in the search engine, it has become a negative information. In general, the company can only find the site administrator to delete the corresponding content. But people tend to be "ruthless" fraud to delete the information required to pay. How to deal with this fact, in fact, can be combined with legal means is to do things, such as: your station to release false information, the company’s image, in this request to delete, no prosecution……" Generally speaking, if the other party is not on the management of fortune, will promise to delete content. But some do not buy it required to pay for deletion, if there is a pay a company that sooner or later it will be hollowed out.

1: suppression of negative information

take a job to find it, many users in determining whether to apply for a company, they will search the search engine in the company’s good or bad, whether it is a liar of the precise keywords". If there is such a message, it will be quickly displayed in the search results. Of course, this is only one example, harm also includes "XXX is not a liar, what products, etc." of the corporate image, the author proposed second methods to suppress the negative information is to use the same information area. How to suppress information? Generally in the high weight website issued such a question, after being included will have a very high ranking, such as Baidu knows it is a good choice, after replacing the IP address of the "question and answer". Which can appear many times to answer, it is best to keep the different regions of the IP address, this time when others search the corresponding content, the heart also has a clearer understanding.

three: search engine snapshot deleted

is often said that the search engine is unable to delete the information, in general, too. But here I offer a strategy for the enterprise, if the station itself weight is not very high, you can choose the domain name registration information: replace the domain name registration, this request to delete all the snapshot, results are verified. Can be found in the search engine complaint center, indicating that the domain name has been replaced, but the registration

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