Notice group purchase electricity supplier army camp coupons to express frustration

NetEase coupon platform 90 days coupons issued a 60 million, a scouring network, one ticket, scouring the net, such as a large number of start-up companies to grab the coupon marketing express

April 23rd, Amazon (China) announced the launch of the history of the largest and most involved in brand promotion, hundreds of thousands of goods by an average of over 30%, "51" war broke out in advance. However, Jingdong mall, Dangdang has said that it will not follow the Amazon (China) the footsteps of the big price war".

this is a new line of domestic e-commerce industry competition, the wonderful aspect is the "platform of play is not only the price war has to resort war, we will implement the user core." Mary billion President Chen Jun said that since the second half of 2011, a number of companies to switch to a higher conversion rate of the marketing channel. Electronic coupons came into being.

It is reported that the NetEase

, coupons platform line only three months, has reached a cooperation with the Jingdong, a mall shop No. more than and 200, Eslite and other electricity providers, payment coupons of about 3 million, the total value of more than 60 million yuan; Amoy network is a strategic adjustment, do PPC, Tuiyou force coupons search and rebate coupons; mom one ticket, the Amoy network such as a large number of startups to grab a Zhetang "coupons" express.

electricity supplier network advertising investment return of less than 1:1

CEO Li Guoqing has repeatedly investors in the meeting stressed that is only China a year earnings history of the electricity supplier, has many years of victory over the multinational giant price war experience, "the loss in the service and price war, the value of it!" but now, to change strategies, regardless of the opponent Amason (Chinese) how to "firing demonstrations", will not play the "51 price war". Not long ago, Dangdang has stopped hao123, Baidu and other sites advertising, cut marketing spending. Recently, handle network also broke capital chain tight, it has stopped at hao123, the 360 regiment of the 800 navigation, and many other well-known navigation website advertising.

in fact, the "platform is not only playing the price war, has come to the resort of war, increasingly thin profit margins, marketing costs are rising. Everyone’s core will be implemented to the user." Chen Jun, President of 100 billion, said that at present, the electricity supplier companies are cut off the brand budget, such as the launch of the navigation site, but in terms of investment in the effect of marketing is still increasing.

rough estimate, the average number of domestic electricity supplier on the Internet dropped by about 30%." C O O Zibolan Xu Xiaobin further revealed that before you keen on Internet advertising, R O I (input output ratio) even reach 1:1.

more scorching, "at present, the electricity supplier to obtain the biggest bottleneck in the continued growth of the number of users, and rely on the traditional way of advertising, is to obtain a valid user cost up to 150 yuan, 200 yuan, and the effect of advertising is difficult to track." Where.

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