Wetlands in China the operation of an environmental public welfare website

wetland China (www.shidi.org) website has been the focus of public concern since it was officially launched in February 2, 2008, and has become a veritable portal of China’s wetland system. Wetland China has been recognized by the Internet industry, mainly due to the following operations and promotion methods:

first, focus on wetland areas, to carry out wetland volunteer program to enhance the enthusiasm of users to participate in the construction of content to encourage original. At present, Chinese wetland has established more than 1 thousand official information of the team, and recruited a large wetland volunteer team.

two, to join the major search information source. Such as Baidu news, Google information, there is a hot source of information.

three, carefully editing web content, training information and volunteers, improve the quality of content, to attract relevant websites on the manuscript published in the Chinese wetland.

four, with the people’s network, for its environmental protection channels to provide all the contents of the construction of the wetland column.

five, join the authoritative web directory. Such as Alexa, ODP, China website rankings and many other well-known Web site.

six, and more effective link to do good. Such as NetEase, the State Forestry Administration, Wetlands International and other famous sites, related institutions.

seven, the wetland of China to invite volunteers to participate in various activities organized by the State Forestry Administration, recognition and encouragement of volunteers.

eight, based on the concept of the establishment of an advanced organization portal website platform (E-file), to save the cost of site operations, expand publicity, enhance the rule of power, establish the basic position of the internet.

well-known companies are fully aware of the value of China’s wetland platform, have to cooperate with the wetland China to jointly promote the cause of public welfare. Currently, the United States, the World Wide Fund for nature, Coca-Cola, HSBC and Hangzhou XiXi Wetland Park and other companies have invested heavily in the development of wetland protection as the theme of ecological activities. More and more enterprises are activities planned, wildly beating gongs and drums.

publicity wetland protection is an important mission of wetlands in china. There is reason to believe that China will become a force for wetland ecological civilization construction.

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