n the end how can we do a good job marketing circle of friends

WeChat marketing, circle of friends marketing in this era is given meaning is too much. From the grassroots to the cafe, the focus of attention will never leave this point, in the US and indeed there are many people who rely on WeChat marketing quickly and. In the face of this trend, we are crazy to follow the fact that it is the right thing to do, but the premise of all this is that you really know how to do marketing circle of friends, how to put in place. Circle of friends marketing is not simply rely on the flow of advertising, it is in fact a combination of content and attention, and know how to do far greater than the energy generated by a large user base. Then the topic will return to the most primitive state, for the circle of friends in the end how we do marketing.

optimize the content, grasp the hearts of customers want to see

first, if is the marketing circle of friends, and you also know, if just advertising, is not willing to see, and these are marketing taboo, so all of you in marketing, we must grasp the customer exactly what you want to see more, you know, in the end customer don’t want to see what, only a combination of the two, and the marketing according to the actual situation, to better do marketing circle of friends, in many cases, when people do marketing circle of friends, a professional publicity, as if he is expert, but this propaganda effect is very poor and because there is no way to highlight your personal characteristics, but not with personal emotion, so the marketing circle of friends is difficult to get the public recognition, it is very likely that your friend is you The potential customers are set up at the dynamic for you, then your marketing to write again good also not see, each circle of friends and so on in the headline marketing efforts are all must learn to do a good copy of the deep copy, can resonate with consumers. In order to improve the efficiency of the marketing, the effect is also guaranteed.

targeted marketing, grasp the scope of customer groups

the second range in the marketing time to grasp customer groups, it is still very important, if not grasp these words, just like the marketing not targeted, The heavenly maids scatter blossoms., not move the hearts of customers, but also in vain, this is a lot of friends marketing mistake, don’t stop spending money to promote this method, which is not itself is similar to the city psoriasis psoriasis network, not only to please, also let people disgust, so you must pay attention to, if you want to make a marketing circle of friends, it takes a long time to pay attention to this problem, to make the range of user groups are better satisfied, let oneself as soon as possible through the promotion of customer groups more accurate, efficient marketing for enterprises, this cost savings also has a very deep meaning, high Effectiveness means that targeted to make friends circle marketing has become effective. Before God to share beauty marketing is actually borrowed this idea, you only put the user management layer, in order to know what is best for them to appeal, and then choose their own marketing.

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