Also talk about my promotion method

I am a new webmaster, currently only one station, the station immediately for 3 months, this time to try to study, also summarizes some website promotion experience, and we used to share

entered: first, promotion in the film forum, to find some of the most Baidu billboard into popular movies and TV series, or look at the society, such as the days of Feng Xiaogang’s "the banquet" in point, a few in September of Jackie Chan’s "treasure plan" will premiere, these are popular videos at that time, the Internet to find a lot of people a lot, so we can use it to Baidu search Television Forum (the first few, no more than the first page, because they know that the first and second pages will cut away 80% of the traffic, the first page is better), send some post movie name inside, below is connected to your site (although this traffic is spam traffic, but if you put some strong shock pictures temptation also get some advertising, advertising) because the forum itself in front of new posts Baidu will also be included quickly, so after one or two days, someone looking for your hair when the film will appear in front, so that your traffic will come. There can be directly search for popular videos will find some pictures of the post (because most Television Forum has this forum), you recover below write your web site, it will bring you some good traffic, (note that the administrators have found that you are a liar can delete your post, then you have to change the ID again).

Second, the main source is to recognize your station, where is the main demand, what kind of people, my station is a research station, after repeated thinking, I think most people need the students, but also college students to write papers, so I will segment time to go to the university posts I write advertising, advertising costs little, bought myself a few pieces of different color POP pen, find some large white paper, written on the surface of the POP font, color bright eye-catching, I wrote the content is roughly such a thesis, a network. This is our school students Moumou founded their own web site, is how much, welcome Shige, sister, brother, sister to visit. (of course, to which school is the school students who founded, so that you can pull into the distance, the promotion of good, but I am more in the local colleges and universities, so it is easier to promote it.

brother when the owners of only three months, the above is in the.

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