Difficult transformation of the BBS community Tianya touch electricity to sell tourism products

in the emerging social networking site SNS micro-blog, the "encirclement and suppression", the traditional community is no longer BBS. In order to avoid a repeat of the BBS community NetEase closed "mistakes", the well-known BBS community is actively seeking a new way to achieve cooperation: following the tourism promotion service with a number of domestic city attractions, Tianya the day before and the world’s largest online booking company Booking.com signed a contract in the overseas tourist market, began to sell online tourism products.

Booking.com is the world’s largest online hotel booking company, is a NASDAQ listed companies in the United States Priceline.com company, has 260 thousand direct sign hotel resources in the world. According to the agreement between the two sides, the skyline will be able to grab Booking.com hotel data, to share their hotel resources.

is currently the world’s first Booking.com community partner in china. According to the insiders to the "First Financial Daily" confirmed: Booking.com choice there, in addition to the early accumulation of tourism interest groups, more important is to take a fancy to Tianya development potential in the wireless terminal; at the same time, they also want to take this to explore new profit point.

according to the data provided by Tianya, currently has more than 78 million registered members of the world, the growth of the main members of the wireless side. End of the world wireless terminal traffic grew by 300% in 2012, wireless terminal growth rate of up to 100% in 2011, its active users accounted for about 30% of the overall active users.

in the eyes of analysts, the world has been regarded as the first batch of GEM listed companies, the most popular, but in recent years, the world is facing a low degree of active users, innovation and transformation of poor and other problems, and gradually at the edge of SNS, micro-blog and other social networks in the competition.

Ari analyst Su Huiyan believes that the skyline from the community began to develop into a well-known brand BBS, but has not been able to find a good business model, how to achieve the flow of its urgent need to solve the problem.

2012, Tianya announced the reconstruction of its community products, covering mobile phone and PC terminal fusion light blog, such as micro-blog and LBS Internet product elements to deal with the impact of micro-blog and other products for the community, also accelerate the integration of marketing.

however, there seems to be no series of moves much turn, finally decided to "hide" World Tourism e-commerce.

from last year, the end of the world launched the end of the passenger travel e-commerce platform, and set up an overseas operations center in Shenzhen, set up branches in Singapore, in order to expand overseas tourism e-commerce business.

now it is difficult to determine the success of the transformation of the horizon." Su Huiyan believes that with micro-blog, SNS and other approximation, leaving the horizon has been less and less. On the other hand, the skyline will face competition from Ctrip, eLong and other online travel companies.

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