Police spreading pornographic will be held liable

pornographic incident photos is obscene! Yesterday, said the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Network Monitoring Bureau told the new express reporter interview, according to China’s existing laws and regulations, regardless of whether the source of communicators, as long as there is a purpose, a large area to the public to spread pornographic materials behavior to be the police investigated the legal liability, if the circumstances are serious, be responsible for the implementation of the criminal police.

batch of pornographic was identified as pornographic photos

for pornographic incident pictures of how qualitative issues, the network police said, this batch of "pornographic" exposed has almost reached the limit. Photos of the parties (whether or not the showbiz star), sexual organs and sexual behavior were naked expression, in accordance with the definition of the law of our country standard, this photo is belongs to obscene articles. However, if these photos are playing mosaic or cut processing, so that the focus of the site is not exposed, it does not belong to obscene objects.

publicity to the public will be investigated according to

, the person said, the dissemination of pornographic photos first will violate China’s "Public Security Management Punishment Law", if the spread of prostitution as large number, wide area, involving personnel, in violation of China’s "criminal law", to bear criminal responsibility.

allegedly, the pornographic door event photos have been up to more than 400 pieces, the number has reached the standards of criminal law. And the law of Hongkong for two times or more than two times spread responsibility for the situation is different, according to China’s current laws, whether it is the source of communication or dissemination of two or more than two times, as long as there is a purpose, organized for the public, such as the photo spread — dissemination of pornographic materials in the public website on, whether it is text, photos or video, at least is in breach of the "Public Security Management Punishment Law", a large number of pornographic articles, one jingfangxingju.

does not agree browsing pornographic illegal said

for domestic police said before browsing pornographic photos is illegal, saying that the people do not agree. He said, "as individual users, when these photos public browsing on the network for people, you can see, this is not much of a problem", is the site to be accountable. As for colleagues or friends, a small scale circulated on these photos, because is not for the public dissemination, it is generally not held accountable.

has not yet found that the batch of pornographic was mass dissemination of

the source said, "pornographic" after the incident, Guangzhou City Public Security Bureau Supervisor Bureau to strengthen the monitoring efforts as in the past on the local network, so far have not found someone who will be the Yanzhao large on the public website for people to browse behavior. The police will continue to strengthen the network monitoring efforts to combat Internet pornography crimes.

legal provisions link

– "Public Security Management Punishment Law" provisions of article forty-second, spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror or instigates.

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