Deng Ya Ping left the immediate search behind strategic positioning

Deng Ya Ping and a group of high-end talent with a combination of technical background, instant search but in three years after the disappearance, the industry believes that, first of all, strategic positioning problem

text / Han Chao

18 world champion, Cambridge doctor, ambassador…… These brilliant aura has let Deng Ya Ping unlimited scenery. In 2010, driven by these rings, she boarded the people’s search (later renamed the "instant search").

Deng Ya Ping was full of confidence, hoping to create another brilliant record in the search field, as she fast hard quasi ping pong like invincible technology. Three years later, the spent $2 billion rumors and her face to the public questioned the continued silence, so that Deng Ya Ping face a lot of pressure.

"if possible, these two days will go to see Deng Ya Ping. In this chaotic disarray, she was the overall situation." On the instant search is more familiar with the insider told the first financial daily reporters.

the reporter learned that the instant search has been moved to Beijing south rings outside Daxing District, where is the Xinhua News Agency Pangu search on the national new media industry base, Deng Ya Ping will continue to perform the duties of Deputy Secretary General of people’s daily had always served as the normal work. This reporter has been trying to contact Deng Ya Ping failed to interview.

200 million investment?

login instantly search home, the only news, web pages, images and maps of four services, after the launch of the "exposure", "food safety", "medicine", "video" and several products have been off the assembly line, the same Pangu search leaving only the news, web pages, images and maps of four services. The search results instantly search pages and maps to jump directly to the Pangu Pangu search, news and image search results instantly jump to.

even if these changes have occurred, the instant search and search Pangu reorganized into a new company without official news channels always confirmed immediately search before the middle of Li Xing (a pseudonym) told reporters: "this may be a process, some old colleagues still did not resign in normal work."

"from the search market, the restructuring of a company is right, just more people in feeling, a process of" system "belongs to enterprises" marketization "in an attempt to how she died?" Internet analyst Ge said.

"in fact, the initial search for the initial investment is 200 million yuan, which is the end of last year, I know. Investment in fixed assets is not much money, the money is spent on talent reserves, up to more than and 600 people." Informed sources told reporters.

occasionally pass through the work of the Beijing East Third Ring Road, the global financial center of this high-grade office buildings, Li Xing how much trance, because in the glorious time, there were hundreds of people in the shuttle’s 16 floor. "That is a dream, some sentimental.

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