Yang Fan enterprise product promotion planning steps

2008 Spring Festival a step closer, this is also a good time for each big enterprise promotion, enterprises engage in activities and ultimately our site planning, so some of the activities planned design work arrangements for planning the sun about today, people refer to.

activity planning and design

1 promotional opportunities analysis

The number and amount of

the goods or consumer goods market; the correct analysis and definition of promotional products market conditions that the product life cycle stage, collect sales and sales analysis of the competition of store brand or brand through research.

2 target market positioning

determine the target market and product positioning; business objectives; price strategy; distribution strategy; advertising form and investment budget; the focus and principles of promotional activities; the focus and principles of public relations activities.

3 promotion planning

clear promotional goals; choose the form and content of the promotion.

4 distribution program

pricing strategy; distribution channel; store display; service quality.

5 sales management plan

supervisor’s responsibility and authority; sales target plan; personnel selection and training; sales staff salary standard; sales staff incentives.

6 market feedback and adjustment

market sales information feedback; feedback of market sales information; business objectives of accounting; business behavior adjustment.

source: Yang Fan site planning blog www.ccyyw.com

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