On behalf of Angelababy listed Mito converting the last laugh


suffered a cold winter capital, but the United States is still facing the winter market.

Li Kaifu, Xu Xiaoping, Xue manzi…… Half a circle of famous person investment to the scene, only to Mito founder and chairman Cai Wensheng to join. In addition, as a spokesman for Mito phone Angelababy even in pregnancy was invited to participate in the listing in Hongkong. Visible, Cai Wensheng extensive contacts in the industry, the United States to see the listing of heavy.


Application of

as a landscape picture, Meitu Xiu Xiu in the domestic hot self-evident. As of October 2016, monthly activity reached 456 million, exceeding the year 2015 of 372 million. In addition to Meitu Xiu Xiu, as a representative of a short video, beauty shot is Mito’s important. According to the relevant data show that in June 2016, the United States took the number of monthly active users reached about 141 million people, the United States took application users spend time on the film in the United States, the United States took from May 2014 launched the first 12.9 minutes of June 2016 increased to 31.5 minutes.

, however, is very awkward as a mobile Internet Co Mito, most of its profits from an intelligent hardware products – Mito mobile phone. According to the disclosure of the listing prospectus, Mito 2016 intelligent hardware revenue of 556 million 800 thousand yuan, accounting for about $95.1% of total revenue, while Internet services and other accounted for only $4.9%. Mito released the first mobile phone products in 2013, as of 2015, Mito mobile phone in the overall revenue accounted for all the way up, respectively, 59.7%, 87.8% and 89.9%. By October 31, 2016, Mito mobile phone sales over the past 1 million 340 thousand years. One of the first ten months of 2016, Mito mobile phone sales of nearly 650 thousand.

of course, compared to the data line seemingly mobile phone manufacturers and professional or worse is not a tiny bit. Some media pointed out that Mito mobile phone sales are less than one percent of HUAWEI. Perhaps, the MiTo and HUAWEI together, itself is a kind of banter. So, Angelababy endorsement, relying on Mito Mito mobile phone profit, but it is difficult to really laugh to the last

first, Mito mobile phone camera blur, Caton serious fever, low customer loyalty.


Mito mobile phone based on the self and beauty won the female users favor and anchor. However, not long ago [] according to the feedback of Chengyu Mito mobile phone users are called "camera fuzzy serious fever, net red favored Mito mobile phone related reports" of what?. When the mobile phone V4 beauties were found Caton and serious phenomenon of the existence of mobile phone fever. User alleged, Mito mobile phone use will not be long before the card, the phone response is slow or even automatic flash back. In addition, even when the usual standby, the phone Mito temperature is always hot. I feel the beauty of the self effect is good, but the first beauty

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