Baidu Black History Review 2006 was attacked stop half an hour

hacker website with "black" and "black" may not touch the daily life of ordinary Internet users, many users for "black" concept is not profound, but if one day often go to the website can not log on, even jump to the rather baffling website at this time may let you deeply aware of the "black" the terrible words.

Today we are the protagonist

Chinese search giant Baidu, Baidu and the world’s attention as a China star, certainly will often provoke some "expert" "hacker" to show its mettle, but due to the huge amount of the request of Baidu "black" this work a person can do. So today, China’s Internet users will also note that, in addition to log slow and other small glitches, Baidu basically no big problem. But everything has an exception of Baidu in September 2006 and today (January 2010 Baidu) was unable to access the event, the former official called "hackers" attack, which is currently no official reply, but there are indications that Baidu DNS hijacking. Here, we have to re understand the two events.

, September 12, 2006 (17:30 am to 18 PM) – half hour

September 12, 2006 evening 5:30 or so, there are friends in Beijing, Chongqing and other places that from the beginning of the day 17:30, Baidu can not be used properly. In the implementation of the Baidu server "Ping" command found that the domain name packet loss rate of 100%, returned to the request timeout information.

subsequently, Baidu website, found that the home page can log on, but the search content, the speed is very slow, nearly 10 seconds after the page can not be displayed in the final page. In the reporter’s investigation, the period, Baidu site in Beijing, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Changsha and other places, there is no access to the phenomenon. Until 6 in the afternoon, Baidu site to return to normal.

11:37 in the evening, Baidu issued a statement on its Baidu space, said the biggest ever unknown hacker attacks.

Baidu said in a statement, 12 pm, Baidu suffered the largest ever unidentified hacker attacks, resulting in Baidu search services across the country for nearly 30 minutes of failure. From the analysis of the phenomenon, this massive attack should be organized and carefully planned. Baidu will cooperate with the public security organs to investigate the matter.

although Baidu official just made a simple statement in the official, but this half an hour of downtime enough to become the longest time in the history of Baidu black. At the same time, a lot of professional users have begun to question the Baidu hacking tools.

two, January 12, 2010 (at about 8, has not been repaired) – more than two hours

is also 12, but the time jump by January 2010, from 8 in the morning, there are users have Baidu hang, >.

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