Ali’s mother in China the reasons for the failure of the domestic website atmosphere

      Ali mother was born in the Internet, Yunyan four, the grassroots webmaster like a HI agent or drug aid, but can not solve the fundamental problem Chinese personal website, in the lively again after the downturn. Burn the money after Dunjue arena into original streams of people busily coming and going all is a benefit, once the bad, empty, only see the Yangtze River flows into the sky.
      why Ali mother failed?

      Chinese network environment, immature market. Although China market economy has gone more than 20 years, but people are still immersed in the planned system, waiting to hand clothes, eat a ready-cooked meal, chinakayao, lucky luck realm. To unify the network advertising Ali mother’s market platform, there is a long way to go.
      good faith come from? Just an ad can offer thousand million yuan, just no one to take care of the page can also offer 2 yuan 1 yuan, close to heaven. How to regulate the market, if all rely on the market administrator to regulate, then back to the planned economy, if by the people involved to regulate it into markets, we all love to see the bustling bar crowd, lest the network not be messy and chaotic is wealth. As the food market on the roadside to describe trading.
      popularity come from? A lot of people think that there are 1 million domestic webmaster, Admin5 also said that the domestic webmaster has 300 thousand, but in fact, only less than 50 thousand of China’s webmaster. The real site as a cause of the site, less than 10 thousand domestic. This is the status quo. Great country, so the 10 thousand site? In fact less, please think twice, do not always think that domestic people more sites, in fact the real value of the domestic website, or in real business sites, very few, 60% websites are trying to deceive search traffic advertising, think again: a fool to make traffic in advertising, Alimama is serious to the sale of advertising? Wanted to fool the flow, fool out of advertising, network is not fake, but crudely made too much, I’m not here to say that the grassroots webmaster, no, this is forcing the environment to ask: who can guarantee their safety on site, can operate it, not too much stability. Who dares to use their youth to create a web site?! Do an unknown future career: network, no, there are few such people. In this case, everyone in the early money bonus. Impetuous Internet, impetuous network atmosphere. In October of the property law, the site is also hard, but who is also head of the property, to protect the interests of the webmaster, who to use the law to protect their own website, not to be black.

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