Her mother and her pregnancy knowledge network

all human beings have only one of the best and most lovely woman, she is our most loving mother. There is only one of the most beautiful voices in the world, that is the mother’s call. Each of us every year in commemoration of their birthday, birthday, a friend’s blessing, but you know that friends in your toast to celebrate your birthday is in memory of your mother.

Japan, the child to his birthday called "mother difficult day", his birthday to ask her mother to eat, to bow to his mother. In fact, in our Chinese ancient history had a birthday called "hard on the mother or father worries". In the familiar "journey to the west", black monster’s birthday dinner, issued invitations on writing: "King birthday, mother tomorrow".

in the era of science and technology lead the life, science and technology has penetrated into every aspect of life. As a newly married couple or a young couple who plan to get pregnant, they understand the important role of science knowledge in their lives. On pregnancy and birth of this great "made man" program, more inseparable from the guidance of popular science knowledge. Because we all understand such a truth – who easily science, who will be the fate of life. What’s more, the birth of a healthy baby is the desire of the world’s parents, who do not want their children at the beginning of life on the starting line.

however, for the first time pregnant women, there are a number of concerns, there are some fears. Worry about the slightest mistake will bring great harm to the baby; fear of pregnancy will disrupt the existing well-being; what will be worried about the baby congenital defect…… all these worries all make for parents is slightly changes with profound respect and humility, confused, disoriented. To this end, we made a special pregnancy knowledge network (www.huaiyunzhishi.com), in order to provide some help for young prospective parents.

we will be large and the pregnancy knowledge concentrated in pregnancy knowledge network, both focused, and cover and contain everything on some of the problems in the process of pregnancy, such as pregnancy, pregnancy, miscarriage and abnormal change, have a miscarriage, fetal education and science. For the convenience of pregnant women reading, we take the time sequence as the context of pregnancy from the wedding, then discusses from pregnancy to childbirth, worry, and fear a bit to dispel the pregnant women, and to guide the process of synchronous pregnancy, early pregnancy, pregnancy help ease, easy childbirth.

mother is great, in October last year, I also became a great mother. At that time, often on Baidu and Google query on pregnancy, including pre pregnancy preparation (how do you know she was pregnant before pregnancy? What are the symptoms? Before pregnancy should pay attention to what?) and how to keep the fetus, pregnancy, miscarriage prevention knowledge changes during pregnancy knowledge, is pregnant before delivery and how to prepare fetal education knowledge. Now think of the Internet for my help is too big, there will be no trouble to run the hospital, do not have to register a lot of unnecessary funds. At home you can find a lot of money in the hospital to know.


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