Witkey new year new tactics free of charge for the 100 website spring logo

every new year season, whether it is a traditional industry, or Internet companies, are trying their best to make the annual Lunar New Year celebration to give us new ideas emerge in an endless stream, left a deep impression, so as to achieve the purpose of self brand promotion.

and the traditional enterprise big price war, return to war, gift war is different, the Internet site due to relying on the virtual world, which is a new form of Spring Festival is rich and colorful.

yesterday, reporters from the largest pig Witkey website – website was informed that from now until late February, pig site will use its own 500 thousand Witkey strong creative power, as the 100 domestic website free of charge for the production of "Chinese New Year Edition website LOGO". After the completion of the design work will be displayed in the pig eight quit website, users can also make their own new year’s wishes in the production of the topic page.

as long as the application, you can have free new year LOGO

, according to the marketing department of pig eight quit Ceng Liang introduction, the event, for all sites, regardless of industry, regardless of species. As long as the independent daily IP reached more than 1000 sites, all can submit an application in the pig related theme pages, and affixed their existing LOGO address, and then the pig as the task site will be released by the participation of its 500 thousand witkey.

"because time is tight, there are half a month to the Spring Festival, so we in the event of all tasks, tasks for a period of 3 days, the selection period for 3 days, this is to let everyone can hang on as soon as the new year LOGO, the person in charge to choose their own bid for goods flow as usual." Zeng Liang said.

It is reported that

, as a member of Witkey, participate in this mission, after winning the bid will get 100 yuan in addition to the bounty, the largest number of members, but also a "pig network radio interview, and have the opportunity to get more tasks.

From the earliest

creative Witkey member

is reported that the idea was originally derived from the pig eight quit website of an ordinary member.

pig network CEO Zhu Mingyue said that every new year, each site will want some new ways to satisfy everyone, but this time the "100 Web LOGO spring new year" idea originated from the pig forum, an ordinary member, with 500 thousand creative Witkey to celebrate the new year, both can let the Witkey play to their creativity, and can make one hundred websites for new year LOGO makeup, the best of both worlds.

in order to make spring atmosphere more violent, we made a special page, the new year LOGO 100 websites will showcase, I believe this to participate in Witkey website and it is an excellent opportunity for publicity. You can also send their wishes on the page, make a wish." Zhu Mingyue said.

is reported that the event will be officially on January 17th by the pig eight quit >

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