Pacific direct purchase continued operation of college national qualitative cries

March 24th, a channel in the basement of a building in Beijing, the Pacific direct purchase of the classroom. From Hebei Shijiazhuang said he cheated 210 thousand, with 280 thousand sold the property in Xi’an, with his wife after divorce, now living in the city of Beijing and his son also distance themselves from the relationship. Post reporter high Zhengtu

morning news reporter Cao Yanxia Intern

from Beijing, Shandong

a company’s business model has been determined by the two provincial court has been mlm. However, many provinces (cities) of the public security and industrial and commercial law enforcement authorities have not yet identified or take action, and ultimately a rare strange phenomenon: the MLM company in other provinces (cities) continue to operate as usual.

this company is Jiangxi Life Investment Development Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "wonderful life"), the court with its Pacific direct purchase official website (hereinafter referred to as the "Pacific direct purchase") to pull the head to engage in pyramid schemes in the "off line".

today, the direct purchase of many people in the Pacific has been deeply confused, why a two provincial court finds that the MLM organizations can not make only superficial changes as in the past to popular?

victim confusion:

Pacific direct purchase is still pulling the head

Pacific direct purchase officially launched in December 18, 2008, its founder worked MLM Tang Qingnan (the original "unicity" dealer).


operations, the Pacific straight purchase has declared itself a new BMC e-commerce model, can save money + money, is the result of national innovation. However, outside of its criticism has become more and more fierce.

is the focus of criticism: "wonderful life" suspected of using electricity supplier website under the guise of "in line" by pulling the head money; it not only created a virtual currency PV, also launched a virtual credit, "on-line" rely on wholesale and PV will be able to make money, is accused of disguised pyramid selling and illegal fund-raising.

in March 21st this year, Henan Province, Zhumadian City Intermediate People’s court "wonderful life" sued administrative punishment administrative Industrial and Commercial Bureau commerce in Zhumadian city of Henan Province issued a case two: judgment upheld the verdict, "wonderful life" "offline" business behavior is marketing. Meanwhile, Jilin City, Changchun intermediate people’s court also confirmed to the Post reporter, the hospital has also been second instance judgment wonderful life is mlm.

in addition to the final judgment of the executive, as well as criminal judgment. In February this year, Jilin City Intermediate People’s court also issued a second instance verdict: to maintain the first instance verdict, sentenced the Pacific direct purchase channels (Pyramid global top) Wang Xubo and a channel Zhao culture make the organization MLM crime.

, however, within two months after the final decision of the court of the province of the province of, including Jiangxi, many provinces (cities) of the law enforcement agencies and their respective areas of the Pacific direct purchase under the line >

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