Domestic micro blog users to break through the portal to use saliva to make money


"if suddenly spring night, you and I started twittering." This doggerel is the generalization of the network the most fashionable things — micro-blog. Well-known portal that micro-blog is the most popular topic in the future.

this year, Sohu, Tencent, NetEase and other portals have launched micro-blog products. IResearch market research data show that in 2010 3-6 months, the domestic market in the number of people covered by the monthly growth of 54 million 521 thousand from micro-blog to $103 million 70 thousand. Recently, the Sohu Group Chairman Zhang Zhaoyang held network conference, the well-known media to the reporter, the micro-blog Bulletin: Sohu will be promoted to the senior position, he personally by concentrating on the development of micro-blog, will be no cap inputs.

is the micro-blog micro blog site, and send the record in two words or three sigh, bask in the mood, the user can publish text, pictures and video whenever and wherever possible, and even more than television, but also is the real name of narration.

in fact, micro-blog is also exotic. The world’s most famous micro-blog website is the United States Twitter, the independent access to the user currently has 32 million, the president of the United States Obama, FBI, Google, general motors and other well-known individuals and organizations are also active users.

now, micro-blog or some government departments issued an important channel for timely information. Beijing City Public Security Bureau through micro-blog released the latest progress of the case, Fang attack case cracked is through micro-blog released.

every word hidden business opportunities

now, much of the blog has not written less hot micro-blog. Micro-blog 150-180 word length limit makes it easier for users to become a prolific blogger, has brought opportunities to the industry There’s no telling. Zhang Zhaoyang thinks, only from the technical input view, micro-blog is losing popularity, because micro-blog from people far away, not up to the requirements of the profit, but from a global perspective, micro-blog will accumulate a large number of "audience", the formation of celebrity advertising effect. For example, the advertising company founder · dierik; Lei (Derek Rey) said recently, American actress Kardashian can get $10 thousand through each Twitter message. The company requires partners to release at least one Twitter message every day to maintain the number of followers.

There are 2 million followers of

Kardashian’s Twitter account, she attracted advertisers including Reebok EasyTone and Carl s Jr, "the restaurant chain, she often referred to the two companies are in the Twitter message, every 30 messages in 5 with relevant information, thus forming a celebrity advertising effect.

Zhang Zhaoyang said that in the future, micro-blog’s profit model is not advertising, but to allow micro-blog to form a network community, thus forming a variety of circles, the development of a certain fee model, in a variety of circles >

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