Zhangjiachuan Online my favorite little woman


      written in front of it, I am glad to hear that China station for the Mid Autumn Festival, I will offer the books on this, I was a rookie webmaster, all are learning, this is some of my experiences, I write down my wish, Chinese station Yuebanyuehao, wish stationmaster friends happy.

      Zhangjiachuan online and I have to love each other from the knowledge, has been more than five years, in the past five years, there have been a lot of memories and stories worthy of my nostalgia, so today I put him down, to express my feelings, write this article is my true love for, I hope you can give me support today, calm down, think we should write some words to feel. Because I have a lot of emotion to express. I hope you can know a real me, I hope you can know a real Zhangjiachuan online network, in this, I am grateful to have been supported by the Zhangjiachuan online network and support my favorite people. Thanks to my friends and my family.

      "Zhangjiachuan online" – my favorite little woman

      every day and night, I have my little woman "Zhangjiachuan online" good shoes, let her think of how not to suffer, not to suffer setbacks, always hold her hand and let him feel my warmth and love. I have her as my pride, her mature slowly I love her more, she became my spiritual sustenance, also won the appreciation you love her men’s love and jealous of her women, if the previous "Zhangjiachuan online" is a slowly growing girl, which is now the "Zhangjiachuan online" is a mature slowly a woman, which I also hope to the "Zhangjiachuan online" is the hearts of people "Fairy" or "goddess". In this lonely, empty, struggle, cruel, happy spirit world, hope she can become For the people of the "happy angel" this is what I want to pursue the effect and purpose, but I am the most loyal to only one. Which is "let our hometown – Zhangjiachuan, in the network world with her a world" "bring Zhangjiachuan to the world, let the world know Zhangjiachuan." I think: each knowledge and understanding of "Zhangjiachuan online" friends and I have the same feeling, every time you open the computer, I will first open my beloved baby "Zhangjiachuan online" to see if she is still so beautiful, see if she changes, see she is not affected by abnormal sexual harassment "hacker". I think she is the default page me. Therefore, "Zhangjiachuan online" is my favorite little woman.

      time flies, I loved her fine and I have been in love for five years. In the past five years, we all love her friends and taste the sweet and sour.

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