Sources said Sina has a strategic investment happy network

November 4th, media sources said, Sina has been a strategic investor as soon as the shares of SNS website kaixin.

on the above news, Sohu IT call happy network CEO Cheng Binghao, which did not answer the phone. As one of the shareholders happy net Qiming relevant responsible person said that the rumors about the happy net too much inconvenience to comment.

is reported that, since the happy network available on the origin of sina and happy network has been outside speculation. After the news, executive vice president and editor in chief Chen Tong on happy net holding, but then, Cheng Binghao has categorically denied that.

In March 2008

, a former Sina CTO agent Cheng Binghao departure from Sina founded Beijing Kaixinren Information Technology Co. Ltd. (happy net), Cheng Binghao Sina who was also one of the reasons for speculation.

as of press time, Sohu IT did not get Sina’s response to these events.

about happy nets

February 2008, Cheng Binghao has set up a "Beijing Kaixinren Information Technology Co., Ltd., officially founded happy net ( Happy network philosophy is: life is happy, the company vision: to help more people happy.

happy network is China’s largest and most popular social networking site Social Network Site (SNS). Since its inception, has been committed to China happy net users to provide a good interactive platform, through the happy net let users with friends, keep closer contact classmates, colleagues, family, timely understanding of their dynamic, online photo sharing, diary, mood, passing the most pure happiness through easy interaction.

happy to provide products and services include: photos, diaries, book and film reviews and other information sharing platform, Short Message, messages, comments and other means of communication, transaction management, network hard disk, personal collection tools, voting, answer, sincere words, such as a post interactive topic, and friends, buy a house sale, parking dispute fishing, fun and interactive assembly suction.

at the end of September 2009, happy network has more than 54 million registered users, page views (PageViews) more than 1 billion, more than 12 million users a day visit. Alexa global web site rankings, happy network ranked tenth in China, ranking first in China SNS website. Happy network has developed into China’s largest and most popular social networking site (SNS), and a good momentum of development to continue to maintain a leading position in China’s SNS.

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