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The development trend of

e-commerce is beyond doubt, although the rapid development of B2B, B2C, but the C2C model is still an important role in e-commerce. C2C e-commerce market trading volume has been in the online shopping industry champion. The following author on their own point of view to talk about e-commerce C2C model view.

first briefly stated the concept of C2C, C2C (Consumer to Consumer) refers to an e-commerce model between individuals and consumers that is between consumers. Why is the C2C model so popular with the public, what are the advantages of


C2C model has the advantage of its platform scalability, flexibility. Any Internet users are free to register an account and store, only need to click the mouse gently one of their own shops appeared, not only between businesses and consumers to build a bridge of communication, and consumers can also set up their own shops, experience the owner’s role. This is conducive to the purchase of things, there is a resonance between each other, to avoid the misunderstanding caused by the different ideas between businesses and consumers. Although there are so many advantages, but C2C is also perfect, there are also shortcomings.

because each netizen can act as the owner of the role, we all know the big woods, what birds are, some netizens to covet the interests or can not speak reputation in the network, thus caused the proliferation of fakes rampant situation. Although the major platform to launch a series of security services (margin, return, cash on delivery), but still not completely eliminate consumer concerns, after all, commodity is invisible, confirmation of a virtual goods who are not 100% no problem. So C2C still has a long way to go, in an immature stage.

C2C wants to get breakthrough, long-term occupation of big brother position, it is necessary to improve the operating conditions, customer service service, continue to standardize the C2C platform, have a chance to get a lasting development. I believe the future will be the mainstream of C2C e-commerce, because many businesses offer a variety of brands, the every kind of goods a superb collection of beautiful things here, this is the standardized operation of the B2C platform is not inferior. Tips: open shop, do not blindly follow the trend, choose a good platform is the key. This article by Zhang Jianfei (www.semanswer.net) original, reproduced please signature, respect for the original


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