China business men’s shoes

occasions, the shoes will be different products. It is precisely because of the different types of demand, so that the shoe market is now more and more products. With the gradual evolution of the aesthetic, footwear products have continued to increase, especially in the case of men more and more emphasis on the image of their own health, shoes brand is endless. This article is mainly about the Chinese business men’s leather shoes ranking, which has the needs of consumers can focus on understanding.

China business men’s shoes list: AOKANG

AOKANG, founded in 1988, today, has become a leader in the field of China leather products, many of the brand, to footwear, now has three major shoe production base, with more than 3 thousand chain stores, its sales network is all over the country, at the same time, the brand of shoes has the Chinese brand, A Well-Known Trademark in China, China leading leather leather Wang and many other honors, Chinese is currently the most iconic big brand shoes.

China business men’s shoes list: Red Dragonfly


red dragonfly, founded in 1995, specializing in the production of footwear products, R & D and sales, the appearance of fashion shoes, the price close to the people, caring service, and also became the modern highly sought after a shoe brand, the brand shoes featured high quality material, soft, comfortable, excellent toughness, the most important is affordable, the brand shoes mainly focus on the 30-50 year old male, female shoe production.

China business men’s shoes list: BELLE

BELLE, founded in 1998, is a modern enterprise in college women footwear production, now to become the first China brand shoes, but in order to enhance the influence of the market, BELLE has gradually started to involve men’s shoes, especially shoes men’s business field, and achieved very good achievement, is currently in the country a highly respected brand footwear.

China business men’s shoes list: Superspide

Superspide, founded in 1996, specializing in the production of footwear products, research and development and sales, development so far, has won the China brand, Chinese ten leading leather shoes Wang and many other titles, all of its products are used for high-end shoe leather materials, flexibility is good, good toughness, high price, high comfort. Moreover, the version of fashion, style diversity, can satisfy the consumers of different ages choose demand.

China business men’s shoes list: yelikon


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