United States and the world who is the winner

The United States

CEO Chen ou, Le peak Oprah Li Jing, one is 80, one is 70, the two sites are the same but since each one has its own merits, the nature of the site, there must be competition, there will be the first, what exactly is it?

music peak and beauty which good? In May 14, 2014, jumei.com listed on the NYSE, Le bee once melts about 40000000 dollars, and advertising and price war strategy, the intention of anti – the United States, but because the ads suck, not implemented, missing only one of the opportunity to overtake, have to accept vip.com’s Strategic Holdings in early 2014.

that 80 Chen ou, he did right? 70 after Li Jing, what did she do wrong?

, respectively, to look at the road of the two celebrities and the story behind the

Le bee: big investment support, resource rich

lefeng.com, founded in 2008, backed by the famous host Li Jing has founded the "super visit", "beautiful bride", "emotional equation" and other show the Oriental fashion company, Oriental fashion relying on content sales and advertising, annual profit of nearly ten million. More importantly, was originally intended to sell Huayi Brothers was blocked Li Jing, has been a well-known venture capital investors in favor of Shen Napeng.

friends eCapital CEO ran Wang arranged a dinner, Li Jing met Sequoia Capital China founding and managing partner of Shen Napeng. After second days, Shen did a quick survey of the Oriental fashion, to understand Li Jing himself and the show’s reputation in the circle. Li Jing has four programs a week to broadcast a total of about 400 minutes a week, covering the country’s more than and 30 satellite TV and local channels. And because of the direct face of consumers, its programs and products will have a wide range of industrial markets can be extended. Shen then quickly launched an offensive, in addition to attractive valuations, he also helped Li Jing sketched out a blueprint beyond her imagination: to support the program content, the development of its own brand and commodity retail. Shen also help Li Jing to refine the previous idea step by step. First of all, the establishment of a popular Oriental Trading Company, Oriental popular media company independent accounting and before construction; lefeng.com, as commodity trade media and began to know Li Jing don’t understand; Shen, electronic commerce, and hired the best buy (Wang Li) director of operations management and operation for the Lasafo. When the negotiations, Shen see Li Jing although doing business for seven years, but there is no concept of gross margin and other financial data, he also recommended the appropriate financial controller."

Le bee in 2009 with sales of millions of dollars of its own brand J-plus, the main product is essential oil. Both the media resources and investment as well as the electricity supplier chiefs helping professionals to help operators, many people recommend

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