How to improve the opening of the dry cleaning small profit secret

in today’s society, throughout the year, the dry cleaning service demand is large, at the same time, dry cleaners, the whole social business is very good, as entrepreneurs, after seeing the dry cleaning market opportunities actively choose, can get rich quick.

is the basic necessities of life aspects of daily life, where there was a demand for washing. It can be said that the dry cleaning industry is a sunrise industry will not be eliminated, open dry cleaners have a very good market base. At present, the dry cleaning industry is in short supply in the market, people’s increasing demand for dry cleaning services has brought a broader development prospects and profit margins.

dry cleaners?

1, improve the profit of the dry cleaners can start from the cost of control. For a large or medium-sized dry cleaning shop, the daily laundry volume is very large, especially in winter. The operator of dry cleaners can start at the source, to buy some green dry cleaning equipment, such as the UCC brand, can save 50% of the electricity and water, washing supplies and so on, but also reduce sewage emissions, protect the environment, for the China modest contribution to the cause of environmental protection.

2, improve staff efficiency and enthusiasm. Good cloth needs a good tailor. Good dry cleaning brands also need to be able to operate smoothly. Dry cleaners in the recruitment of investors, as far as possible to choose a number of honest and capable and enthusiastic people. In addition, you can pay a monthly or quarterly bonuses and subsidies, help to improve the enthusiasm of the staff. In the work, strict requirements for dry cleaners operating manual, can not relax.

3, improve marketing channels. The main profit from the dry cleaners or consumer groups. The greater the amount of consumption of consumer groups, the higher profits will be nothing difficult. The main way to attract consumption or by means of marketing. Marketing means for membership card, discount, price, how many times to wash a gift, small gifts, sweepstakes, anniversary activities, etc.. The most important is to grasp the opportunity of promotion operators, can not easily be used indiscriminately promotions, causing the phenomenon.

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