5000 yuan entrepreneurial good projects recommended fragrance plant bonsai shop

due to a variety of indoor air pollution is relatively large, leading to widespread foul now, so people love to put some fragrance type cleaning machine in the room, but the chemicals also contain harmful ingredients, can not be used for a long time, so the smell of bonsai shop will come into being, but only 5000 yuan can start oh!

investment conditions:

1, location: 20 square meters shop, should be in the vegetable market and flower market, densely populated areas and other areas, as long as the passers-by through the front of the smell of the fragrance will make him linger from, into the store to visit, if not buy high-end, low-end ten yuan to buy a pot of her no, not because of who with aromatic affinity.

2, the purchase of vanilla seeds, flower pots and shelves and other bulk purchase of about 3000 yuan, you can start.

3, business license, tax registration at 1000 – 1500 yuan. A total of about 5000 yuan of funds to start normal business.

Analysis of benefit:

marketing recommendations:

1, if their seedling limits, with the credibility of the implementation of orders for the seedling seedling base, but also do their agents.

2, should use the efficacy of each herb varieties, methods of use and cultivation techniques are printed with the instructions given bonsai.

3, the relatively large size of the business through the media, publicity was propaganda, this can significantly increase its sales. >

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