U S female singer Natalie Kerr died of drug abuse due to hepatitis

famous American jazz singer Natalie Kerr died in December 31st in Losangeles, died at the age of 65. The father of Nat  King   Cole, also known as the Lyric singer.

2009, Cole had a kidney transplant because of drug and hepatitis. Natalie’s sister, ·, and Cole died on the day of her operation, their brother Nat  Kelly  Cole, who died in, in 1995. Natalie – when he was very young, was influenced by his father and began to sing. At the age of 11, his father decided to let Natalie sing along with himself. When the "King" Nat    when Cole died from lung cancer in 1965, Natalie was just fifteen years old.

first debuted, Natalie is a R& B style singer, later, she gradually turned to father’s favorite pop and jazz music tenderness. In 1991, Natalie – father some classic songs to his father to pay tribute to the album "Unforgettable… With  Love" was a huge success, this album popular songs include "That  Sunday  That  Summer", "Too " and "Mona  Young Lisa;".

in the album singles, the voice of Natalie and his father’s classic voice are spliced together, after the death of his father more than and 20 years to complete a possible cooperation. According to statistics, the album sold a total of fourteen million, won the Grammy album of the year, best production of the year and best single of the year award in six. In 1992, Natalie also won an Emmy nomination.

1996, Natalie -‘s other "When  I  Fall  in  Love" won the Grammy Award for best pop collaboration. In 2008, Natalie ·’s album "Still  Unforgettable" and was named the Grammy best traditional pop vocal album. Natalie · Cole issued the first album in 1975, her debut "Inseparable" won the second years Grammy the best newcomer and best female singer B R& for her performance award.  

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