What are the policy to join Beijing DongLaiShun Hot pot

food and beverage market has always been a very popular investment industry, of course, the momentum of development in recent years Hot pot is very good, investors naturally will not miss, but then choose what brand Hot pot brand good? Small as you recommend Hot pot shop donglaishun. DongLaiShun is a relatively fast development of domestic Hot pot has chain stores, relatively high visibility, then join the DongLaiShun money? Many entrepreneurs do not understand the DongLaiShun Hot pot shop, the future development prospects of concern. Here to introduce.

What join

Beijing DongLaiShun Hot pot policy?

now entrepreneurs to join the DongLaiShun nature is more profitable industry. DongLaiShun mainly engaged in each of the mutton slices cooked in hot pot, the autumn season, DongLaiShun door always heavy traffic, presents a scene of prosperity. DongLaiShun to operate distinctive Hot pot mutton slices cooked in hot pot well-known at home and abroad, and gradually developed into the boiled and fried, grilled burst, four series of more than and 200 varieties of halal dishes system, to meet the different tastes of consumers demand by consumers. Entrepreneurs in the shop can join the DongLaiShun Hot pot with its market influence in the industry to get a space for one person Hot pot.

join DongLaiShun guide

one, the choice of franchisee

(1) has incorporated outside

(2) franchisee has its own business premises, or has signed a lease contract with the business premises of the lease contract / letter of intent

(3) the operating area of the business premises shall be at the lowest level in different cities. The relevant provisions, please refer to "

" DongLaiShun store decoration advice

two, related costs

1, municipality directly under the central government, provincial capital city

stores the size of 1500 square meters above:

join fee: 300 thousand yuan

Royalties: 200 thousand yuan

margin: 100 thousand yuan

2, prefecture level city

stores the size of 800 square meters above:

join fee: 200 thousand yuan

Royalties: 150 thousand yuan

margin: 100 thousand yuan

3, county-level city


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