What can be used to manage a small shop in rural areas

is now the general level of economic consumption in rural areas, which makes a lot of rural small shops have been the development of hot time, and rural small shops with its convenience, economic and other characteristics of the rural consumers are favored. But because of the limitation of objective conditions, the store cannot be compared with the town’s shopping malls, supermarkets, shopping, the slightest mistake, it may miss opportunities, resulting in the loss of customers. In order to manage the rural small shop, I think we can use the following methods:

a, effective sample method. The sample of the goods is very important for the rural store. The village shops are open on the main road on the edge, here is the only way to pedestrians, while most pedestrians are random buyers, the effective use of road for this side of the shelves, counter for goods of a kind, can attract people’s attention, stimulate consumer desire to buy.

two, clean and orderly method. The shop operators, to improve the health of the shop and clean up work. Because counters, shelves, goods appear neat and organized, will give people a sense of comfort, to make a good impression on customers. The shop customer basically to the folks around, don’t think that is the fellow villagers, good talk, these do not care, in the transport, the era of intense competition, a clean and orderly shop than a messy shop more competitive.

three, value added service. The shops are generally in a crowded place, usually in front of the store can take advantage of the convenience of People are hurrying to and fro., and build a hut in front of the door, put on a few stools, which facilitates the pedestrian typhoon shelter, and so they stopped to chat. In addition, the rural people of chores at home, not many opportunities, usually the postman messenger often find people, to both the trouble. Therefore, the rural small shop operators and the post office consultation, the store as a delivery point, so that we can not only facilitate, but also to establish the image of the store.

four, credit method. Due to economic constraints, rural consumers can not have enough cash every day. Sometimes they will not be able to cash out of a temporary difficulty, but they must be consumed for the sake of their lives. When consumers request credit, rural shop operators not too snobbish, not only the immediate regardless of the long-term, but should meet the requirements of the consumers. Because of the relatively stable consumer groups in rural areas, unlike the consumer mobility on the market so strong, an unsuccessful transaction, it is easy to cause the loss of tourists, so that their losses.

five, consignment. Rural small shop operators, should be good at using their brains, to maximize the use of limited resources. In the daily management work, can be used to sell the form for some rural town or other large sales agents to sell selling goods to earn the difference, such as bottled water, fertilizers and pesticides, this can save a lot of money, can make it easier for rural consumers, can.

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