Dalian nternational Airport to reduce the discharge of lanterns

with the Spring Festival holiday gradually ended, people returned to their jobs, during the holidays, people will choose a convenient means of transport to go out, such as aircraft, but the airport safety first, to the safety of the passengers, Dalian airport strongly urged called strengthen clearance protection efforts, increase the safety of travel.

set off and the kite once entering the lanterns of airport clearance area, may cause interference to the pilot in the vision. Especially by iron frames made lanterns, once with high speed aircraft collided or sucked into a jet engine, the consequences be unbearable to contemplate.

Dalian International Airport: the airport clearance protection zone on both sides of the runway centerline 20 kilometers each rectangular area 10 km, runway ends. Specific scope: Northwest to East 121° 18 ‘, 4’, 38° north latitude; southwest to East 121° 16 ‘, 53’, 38° north latitude; northeast to East 121° 48 ‘, 2’, 39° north latitude; southeast to East 121° 46 ‘, 51’ north latitude 38°. To the north of Jinzhou road to 51 gold Road Development Zone, South to the Huangpu road to Lushun South Road, east to Jiang Jia Gou to the Tiger Beach along the coast, West to pull the tree house to Ying Chengzi bay to the West in the rectangular area in Lushun road.

we all know, the airport safety related to the construction of every passenger, like inclement weather will travel to people buried the hidden trouble, and different birds, even more so, so Dalian airport appealed to the public to reduce the discharge of lanterns, will bring more security to the majority of visitors travel.

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