How to make an appointment

the customer is our God, is the key, we start to do business well, how to make an appointment with customers? How to make an appointment with customers in Taiwan? Here, Xiao Bian collecting some information for you, hope to help you make an appointment of large customers!


when you first spoke to a senior executive, how much time do you think you will have before he or she decides to continue to listen or hang up? 30 seconds? 15 seconds? 10 seconds? In fact, you only have 8 seconds to stop him / her off the phone.

by name. When you pick up the phone, or you can ask "is" Mr. Big "?" Sure, or quickly "Hello, big zhang."

theme. Next, go straight to the theme. You are going to talk about the theme should be concise and to the point and relates to the business bank’s names, but also relates to the best you’ve handled the success stories, such as "I’ve noticed that the expected cost of production in the SEC record from the previous period decreased by 25%, we have just successfully helped 4 companies of the same kind in the cost reduced to 30%."

the newspaper name. Remember that only in the premise has let VITO have confidence in you and your card will tend to accept them under your name. This is one of the most difficult things used to sales staff: offer plans after the newspaper name, but this is what works! So the next time you introduce yourself, you can say, "I’m Susan, XYZ of Susan." VITO will hear your name for the two time, and it will increase the possibility of their memory.

. In the last 1, 2 seconds, to the VITO to ask a question. The question of how the wording relates to how to make the whole dialogue to the next step and to develop a general time. For example, "Mr. big shot, at the end of the month before we can prove to you how our products will be of great help to you and your team?" Another good ending is to say, "in your opinion, what should we do now?" Because for VITO, now is everything!

a final note, do not let your "theme" sound sales flavor. You must try to put your own shape into a company known to many leaders and with other like-minded leaders, like Mattson and Parinello said, "let the whole dialogue.

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