Catering market outlook analysis how to operate

Chinese since ancient times, therefore, at the same time, Chinese domestic delicacy numerous, there are also many chowhound, now the domestic food market development, open restaurants, a lot of money, so for entrepreneurs catering stores note what?

a. Note the catering franchise: petty bad

two. Note the catering franchise: pay attention to the life cycle of

The average life cycle of

three. Note the catering franchise: promising catering brand

in the choice of a good restaurant chain franchise, we should be fully aware of its outlets, stores the business situation is good, there is no stable operating profit, profit whether the prospects for follow-up etc..

four. Note: the catering store visits to join headquarters

five. For food quality problems, investors in the process of investigation, whether through the ISO9000 certification, should be judged according to the following criteria: Recommended

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