Soybean milk machine ten brands list

soy milk due to nutrition and delicious, has been a favorite drink of countless people drink, which not only let a variety of soy products hot sales, but also to usher in a broader market for soybean milk machine. In short, with the enhancement of people’s health awareness, in order to health, drink the rest assured, they choose homemade Soybean Milk, drink a cup of warm in the morning or at night when the Soybean Milk, in order to achieve the effect of protein supplement. Now what brand of soy milk machine is good, followed by a small series together to understand the ten major brands of soymilk machine.

soybean milk machine ten brands list: Joyoung Joyoung

A Well-Known Trademark in China, focusing on Soybean Milk machine field and actively develop small kitchen appliances R & D and production and sales in Shandong, Ji’nan Joyoung Limited by Share Ltd, Joyoung Limited by Share Ltd was founded in 1994, in May 28, 2008 successfully listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange. It is a modern enterprise specializing in R & D, production and sales of health food appliances. The company has maintained a healthy, stable and rapid development has formed a modern management structure across the region, in Ji’nan, Hangzhou, Suzhou and other places have built a research and production base, the products covered more than and 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and exported to Japan, America, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, more than and 20 countries and regions.

soybean milk machine ten brands list of the top two: the United States Midea

began in 1981, China’s well-known trademarks, listed companies, one of the most competitive brands, China’s top 500 enterprises, large household electrical appliance group, Midea Group Co., ltd.. Midea Group founded in 1968, is a household electrical appliance industry, the logistics involved in the field of large-scale comprehensive modern enterprise group, owns three listed companies, four industry groups, is one of the white appliance production base and export base of the largest Chinese.

soybean milk machine ten brands list: SUPOR SUPOR


Zhejiang SUPOR Limited by Share Ltd is China’s largest, the world’s second cooker manufacturers, China’s leading brands of small kitchen appliances. SUPOR was founded in 1994, headquartered in Hangzhou, China, currently in Hangzhou, Yuhuan, Shaoxing, Wuhan and Vietnam to build 5 R & D and manufacturing base, with more than 10000 employees.

soybean milk machine ten brands list: PHILPS PHILIPS


PHILPS, one of the world’s largest electronics companies, was founded in 1891 in Holland, the main production of lighting, household appliances, medical systems. PHILPS has now grown into a large multinational company, with 128100 employees worldwide in 2007, with production bases in 28 countries and sales offices in 150 countries, with 8>

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