Villas-Boas rethinks the soccer calendar until 2022

first_imgProductive confinementVillas-Boas does not stop working from home. Soccer takes up a lot of his time: he talks to his players and is also taking advantage of his stay at home to gather ideas by reading the latest book published by Allegri, a former Juventus coach. “I try to stay in touch with the players. Several are still in Marseille. We had a program prepared for the first fifteen days. Some have easily found the training devices and others live in apartments and it is more difficult, but the important thing is their health. Everyone is well and their families too, “he stressed.If he is normally in charge of giving work and teaching his players, now it is his children who “keep him in shape”. “They give me work. If I put homework on them? That’s the big challenge. Now all parents are teachers. I give you some history, some math … The first week was tough, but now they are better, “revealed the coach. This issue qualified him as “secondary” to all the problems caused by the coronavirus. The mister is living the confinement in Portugal, along with his family, and from there he wanted to send encouragement to the health workers who work to help those affected by the virus. “I thought it was important to pass this on to them (their children). Doctors are true heroes. I hope all this happens as soon as possible, “he said. André Villas-Boas, coach of Olympique de Marseille, raised a revolutionary idea regarding how to adapt the schedule of the different competitions after the break caused by the coronavirus pandemic. “We are thinking that the best option would be to end this season in November or December and in 2021, start the season with the calendar year to end in 2022, on the eve of the Qatar World Cup (November 21 to December 18, 2022). Then we will have to return to a normal schedule, “explained the Portuguese coach. in an interview with Radio Monte-Carlo (RMC).The idea was proposed days ago by Jean Pierre Riviere, president of Nice, in an interview at L’Equipe. “My idea is that if this tournament has been uniquely scheduled then we adapt already based on the problems we are facing today. I therefore suggest taking as much time as we need to finish the current season.”last_img

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