So LaCava turned down the O’s? Good for him

first_imgOops, they did it again.The Baltimore Orioles have found a way to screw up what could have been a very positive development in Birdland.Tony LaCava, the man I’ve been clamoring for dating back to August, was offered the general manager job.That’s where the good news ends.Here’s where the bad, laughable, and expected news begins…He turned them down!Tony LaCava turned down the opportunity to become the general manager of a once proud organization to stay in Canada as an assistant general manager to Alex Anthopoulos.There are 30 general managerial jobs in Major League Baseball. LaCava has NEVER been a GM. There are no guarantees he will EVER get the chance after turning this job down. And he still said no!Of course, he came out and said how it was more about the Blue Jays and less about the Orioles. He talked about how he was interested in the job but just couldn’t bring himself to leave his position in Toronto.Yeah, we can believe that one. Or we can use a pinky’s worth of common sense and put two and two together here.Let’s see. Two interviews took place. Interview number one went great. LaCava wanted the job. Interview two changed his mind.A certain someone happened to be absent for interview number one, but he appeared in grand style for interview number two.Any guesses on who that might have been? Bueller?Peter G. Angelos.Seriously, has any one man ever screwed an organization over so tremendously?Tony LaCava wanted to come to Baltimore. He wants to be a general manager. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t have taken the interview. Everyone thought LaCava to Baltimore was a slam dunk, until Big Pete entered the picture.last_img

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