Lessons of the Week! Sutton Foster, Idina Menzel & More

first_img Star Files Sutton Foster There’s no business like show business, there’s no seat like the aisle seat, and there’s no day like Friday. And guess what? It’s finally Friday, ya’ll! So let’s revisit some of the weirdest, wackiest and WTF-iest things that happened on the Great White Way in the last few days. That’s right, it’s time for…the Lessons of the Week!Sutton & NPH Have the Same Taste in MenYep, these two Tony winners have something else in common—they’ve both smooched David Burtka. As we learned in this adorable #TBT photo, Sutton invited David to the Sadie Hawkins dance in high school and later spent the evening making up choreography to “Cold Hearted Snake.” Twenty years later, David married NPH. Hmm, we suddenly have a strange desire to bust out our old Brandy and Monica CD.Idina Menzel Has Blonde AmbitionIn the last year, Idina was manhandled by John Travolta, starred in the biggest movie ever, belted out the National Anthem at the Super Bowl and concluded her run in If/Then. So there’s nothing left to do but break out the bleach! We love the new look, Idina. But remember, supernova: no matter how famous you get, always remember your roots.The On the Town Dudes Are Actually NinjasTony Yazbeck, Jay Armstrong Johnson and Clyde Alves show off some pretty fancy footwork in the splashy musical On the Town—but you really haven’t lived until you’ve seen them fly high and defy gravity in these awesome exclusive shots. When you guys are done with this whole sailor thing, we think you’d make some really spectacular witches.Audra McDonald Auditions In Her SleepWhen you realize Audra’s about to appear in her twelfth Broadway show and a new movie musical, it’s easy to wonder what the hell you’ve been doing with your life. (Um, eating peanut butter cups?) She even auditions for Andrew Lloyd Webber in her sleep! Wow, Audra, when you sing “The Music of the Night,” you really sing “The Music of the Night.”George Costanza’s Replacing George CostanzaSadly, Larry David is leaving the cast of his Broadway comedy Fish In the Dark—not that there’s anything wrong with that. The Seinfeld co-creator will be replaced by the guy who played the character based on him (got that?) in Seinfeld, Tony winner Jason Alexander. This is better than that time we were first in line for chocolate babka.David Burtka Has an Award-Winning PenisIt Shoulda Been You star David Burtka is more than just a pretty face—he’s an awesome dad, a chef and his junk is literally prize-winning. Yep, after “running around the stage with his thing flapping” in The Play About the Baby, he nabbed the 2001 Clarence Derwent Award. Or as he puts it more bluntly, “my penis won an award.” Geez, Burtka, no wonder Sutton and NPH can’t keep their hands off you! (Cue Brandy and Monica.)Darren Criss Is a Great Sandy DumbrowskiWe got chills! They’re multiplyin’! No, not because of that flu that’s going around. Because Hedwig and the Angry Inch star-to-be Darren Criss can lip sync to Laura Osnes singing “Hopelessly Devoted” on the Grease cast album like a boss. You better not be teasing us about this, Darren. We take our Grease movie casting polls very seriously.Wanna Be in Les Miz? Take Off Your ShoesHere’s an acting tip for all you aspiring Broadway stars out there: If at first you don’t succeed, try again in your socks. In her audition, new Les Miserables star Brennyn Lark was asked to sing “On My Own” eight times…but with no shoes. Why? She has no idea. Hey, sometimes when you’re in Les Miz, you gotta take it off.Lesli Margherita’s Wedding Had the ForceIt’s no secret Matilda star Queen Lesli Margherita has a serious Star Wars obsession, but we had no idea her wedding to husband Daniel Stafford came complete with Storm Troopers and a cake cut by a lightsaber. Strom Troopers and a lightsaber? How many galactic credits did that set her back? Just thinking about it gives us heart Palpatines.Groffsauce Might Bring His Butt Back to B’waySorry, guys—Looking has been canceled, so you’ll no longer be able to see Jonathan Groff (and his butt cheeks) on HBO. But there’s good news: The Hamilton king is free to return to Broadway! Yes! Get over here, Groff! Transfer with Hamilton! Star in Hedwig! Become a Broadway gypsy! Audition for ALW in your driveway! Flap around like David Burtka! Star in The Goat with Lea Michele…the goat! Idina Menzel View Commentslast_img

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