PREMIERE: Funk Outfit Flyjack Previews New Album With New Single “Motherlode”

first_imgFlyjack is an Austin-based funk and soul outfit consisting of Buck McKinney (Guitars, Vocals, Percussion), Brad Bradburn (Bass Vocals), Nigel Finely (Keyboards, Vocals), Andy Rumelt (Keyboards, Harmonica), Jeremy Portwood (Drums), Ari Dvorin (Sax) and Mike Shields (Trumpet). At the end of this month, on March 31st, the group will be releasing a brand-new album, New Day, which has been meticulously crafted over the last seventeen months.Flyjack’s album is a tribute to the grooves of the 60’s and 70’s, with seven of its tracks consisting of covers from the time. To deepen its authentic sound and fully capture that underground-funk vibe, the band utilized old-school gear from the 1970’s during the album’s recording. However, Flyjack’s New Day is not just a straight, traditional ode to that era; rather, the group has brought their own modern twist to New Day by presenting five of their own originals alongside the covers and using state-of-the-art recording and mixing during production.To get fans stoked for the release of New Day, Flyjack has been generous enough to share a new single off of the anticipated album, an immensely funky original number entitled “Motherlode.”A number of additional guest artists supplement the sound of the seven-piece ensemble on “Motherlode,” with Boombox Brass, Rudy Canales of Grupo Fantasma on congas, and Topaz McGarrigle of Golden Dawn Arkestra laying down a searing saxophone solo.Reminiscent of Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition,” both “Superstition” and “Motherlode” share similar themes, exploring the idea that when one stumbles into good fortune, he or she should be careful in assuming it will last. However, that’s not the only clear influence on the song, with guitarist Buck McKinney noting, “I was listening to a lot of Cornell Dupree at the time, and the beginning riff is a bit like the opening riff in his song ‘Teasin’,’ but backwards, with a different pattern at the end. There are two other parts that play off of that – a Wurlitzer pattern and a second guitar part – and the bass locks everything down to keep it moving.” You can listen to the Live For Live Music exclusive premiere of “Motherlode” off of Flyjack’s soon-to-be-released New Day below. If you’re diggin’ what you’re hearin’, you can pre-order the album or check the group’s touring schedule on Flyjack’s website.last_img

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