Whether you run a few should look at

1, the time to distribute the people and things. A person who is sincere in feeling and works hard

2, the people around the filter again, narrow circle of friends. There is no material gain, there is no spiritual harvest, do not waste time, where to go, life is gone

3, be good at communicating with others, adopt others’ opinions. There are many ways to adopt, accept, and do things, there is no perfect way, all roads lead to Rome, is not the key issue, you can try other people’s advice, strengthen trust

4, with people living with the consumption, less life unrelated to consumption. (seize the key, in the passing of life on it.)

5, think about what they really want something, do not want to continue to think. Clear goals, thinking is the first element of maturity, repeatedly ask yourself what you want?

6, more than 10 people, in less as far as possible. I don’t know who to eat with

7, good, good at. To lose is to be blessed, to suffer or to gather, or to reduce

8, what can be a drag, there is no need to worry, things are slowly round. Want to do at the moment, but can’t do at present, don’t rush, keep the air, think of ways, wisdom

9, put an end to hands-on, learn to encounter. (of a person’s time is limited, you can authorize the authorization, the responsibilities and objectives that need to attend once, took the opportunity to do things beautiful, set a good image of leadership.)

10 is the number of people, reduce the burden of society. (used by others, for their own benefits in which must be expressed, even if I can not say, but also to lay a foreshadowing, let people know.)

11, don’t think you can do better than others, even if you are excellent. (to be modest, people’s eyes are sharp, if the power struggle, pride, is bound to attack it.)

12, reduce the dwelling time, close to nature. (go chant together.)

13, often ask yourself, who has not yet repaid me grace. Who is who, and their results if it is to help others, the initiative to repay, gathered their own circle of friends

14, as far as possible to reduce the contact with the person with eccentric personality and mentality.

15, often laugh, learn to be smaller than his brother called sister, in order to maintain a youthful mentality. Good brother, sister good.


16, this life to do good people, so hard work is the support point. (if you are wonderful, breeze.)

17, often look up at the sun, keep the sun >

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