Hangzhou secret police special health care services for women earn five digits monthly

days ago, Hangzhou police undercover health club, posing as a customer to make unannounced visits, the police finally revealed the secret of renal care special services. And captured more than 50 jurisprudence suspects, destroyed dens obscene.

it is reported that 299 men enjoy what services? The police personally undercover Hangzhou club, behind the secret truth. Xiaoshan North Main Street there is such a health club. In the launch only for male customers, kidney health, business is booming. When informed of the relevant circumstances, Xiaoshan North police station police officers in disguise, to further explore the internal health club.

the waiter gave to the police inside the small Qiu club, on both sides of the corridor is a small room, here is to provide massage services, which stood a bed, there are some simple tools. When a customer needs a massage, the attendant calls the technician through the intercom.   however, the technicians haven’t arrived, the waiter told them with meaning small Qiu, can try to store "men enjoy massage service," this is our signature "kidney care" project, particularly useful for men."   what is the service is open only to male customers, in plainclothes police repeatedly asked, the waiter finally tell the truth.

2 on the evening of 4 August, the North police station called the civilian police, patrol police brigade in conjunction with the health club for the impact, successful and arrested more than 50 suspects jurisprudence.   "the boss said, do not engage in kidney health, the store no business."   Lee is the health club leisure minister, according to Lee explained that this health club launched in December for men under the privacy of the lower part of the massage, starting price of 299 yuan, after the bell is $399.  : "our female technician in the service will encourage guests to add bell, is the delay time, but also add some tricks."

Ding is the captain, responsible for customer reception, call the technician. Female technicians are mostly young migrant workers, training for their clubs, willing to give the guests special service technician is the 9 prefix number of employees, regular service technicians are 8 prefix number.   "do renal care technician worst month income of more than 10 thousand, a good good-looking, 3 of all have a monthly salary of 20 thousand."   at present, the case has 29 suspects were detained according to law. Xiaoshan police will continue to carry out the recommended bathing places of Jurisprudence

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