A rabbit to make millions of 80 girls

mentioned tuski, people will immediately think of the simple and interesting animation image, often used in chat tools such as QQ. Although Tuzki has long been popular on both sides of the Changjiang River Chinese wealth creation story behind it, but it is unknown. Today, we see the rabbit is how to make a girl of 80 million rich dream.

Tuzki         sometimes, a product or a brand spokesperson is not necessarily a glamorous star, for example, it can also be a rabbit. Of course, the premise is that the rabbit to have the influence of ordinary stars will not have. MSN as a symbol of a rabbit, because of the pursuit of the Internet users and access to commercial value, but also to change the life of Wang Maomao.

now have only called Tuzki cartoon rabbit to get such treatment. Yes, you are using MSN or QQ chat from emoticons in out, throw to the other party the fine old wall of rabbit.

2006 at the end of July, when the net or cannibal rabbit Wang Liyuan in the blog on their own future was very confused: why his paintings are always not winning. Is a torture on the occasion, she readily sketched a rabbit, later named "tuzki". Because of the appearance of the relationship, coupled with timid temperament, she was said to be like a rabbit. When she was a junior student of Communication University of China animation department, doing odd jobs in many graphic design company to earn living expenses. She recorded the ten things she wanted to do on the blog, the first one is to change the phone for more than a year".

when she won’t think of it as a souvenir, only a few of the rabbit stomach, in a year after becoming the first virtual mobile phone giant Motorola spokesperson, like Jay Chou holding recommended

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