Yellow car into the limit line area will be captured

Reporters from the city atmosphere office was informed that the city traffic police detachment is to organize the implementation of inspection control system of yellow car and the yellow car electronic capture system of the project, the official opening of the system, enter the yellow car area traffic will be fined 20 yuan to 200 yuan punishment in violation of the provisions, and deducted 3 points. The system has not yet been officially launched.

yellow car on the air quality will produce what kind of impact? The relevant data shows that emissions equivalent to 28 vehicles in China IV standard 1 yellow car emissions, its emissions of nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, carbon and oxygen compounds, fine particulate matter and other pollutants impact on air environment to increase the proportion of. Therefore, the city will be yellow car governance as one of the priorities to improve air quality. At present, the yellow car has been accepted 1526 applications for approval, after the review of qualified yellow car has a total of 1294, dismantling of the 566. At the same time, the city from the end of 2013, with the center of the city as the core, the area will be extended to the entire limit line area of 10.7 square kilometers. Although the yellow car limit line area has accounted for nearly half of the city’s roads, but due to the backward means of supervision, a lot of yellow cars in the forbidden area or reckless driving, threatening road safety, pollution of urban air. According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, from May 14th to date, only the tail gas remote sensing monitoring vehicles to limit the line within the area of the yellow car has 195. In order to further improve the efficiency of the yellow car limit line regulation and law enforcement, strengthen law enforcement, city traffic police detachment is to organize the implementation of inspection control system of yellow car and the yellow car electron capture system construction, the system is currently under construction, the construction period is 90 days.


Office official said, in the future as in the yellow car limit line area roads, traffic police will impose a warning or 20 yuan fine of 200 yuan, the driver at the same time, but also on the driver’s driving license shall be 3 points penalty. Remind the owners and drivers consciously abide by the relevant provisions of the yellow car limit line, do not take the yellow car and did not hold a valid green label vehicles into the yellow car limit line area. And called on the yellow car owners to take the initiative to eliminate the yellow car, in order to reduce vehicle exhaust pollution, to further improve air quality to contribute.


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