How to open a good adult store

adult world without the use of Adult supplies, this industry is also very good business, the market demand is very large, open Adult supplies stores, many in layman’s eyes, always covered with a layer of mystery. But in fact, this is a good business, an area of about 20 square meters of shops, a month stable earnings of $twenty thousand or thirty thousand. So what do the business secrets?

location: close to the residential area, the site is


how to open an adult store? Location is very important. The famous brand of spring CEO Lin Degang revealed that Chinese influenced by traditional culture, Adult supplies store is not suitable to put up a pageantry opened in the commercial street or some obvious street front. The best location is the location of the community, but also to the store as the center, the radius of 1 kilometers of the number of residents in the vicinity of about ten thousand people.

selected front position, must choose the dry line, such as the branch of the main trunk, which is not loud, but will not affect the attention to the store. At the same time there is a factor, if opened in the main line, more people in the past, if the number of customers encounter acquaintances will be embarrassed, especially female customers.

shop area must not exceed 20 square meters, there are people want me to open up stores, more customers, earn more, in fact, because this is a secret business, most of the customers are pay to go, stay in the store not too long, so the store is not open too large meaning, also increase the expensive rent. In addition, Adult supplies in many people’s eyes are more obscure, so you front, who will offer into the shop to buy something? In fact, the big stores will be equal to the customers away.

also, if there are a lot of 40-55 year old middle-aged men in the street near the store door of old residential area, you can determine the shop can live well "; in the new community near the consumer into the store for the main crowd of young people aged 20-30, and the proportion of women into the store even more than 30%, can this shop can live well.

traffic: Learn subtraction, do not blindly add

for adult supplies store, the traffic is definitely not the more the better, there is an upper limit rather than a lower limit requirement, which is very different from other businesses. In general, regardless of the size of the store area is small, the average daily 10 people is capped, but it will affect the business.


, one is in the market now, Adult supplies all kinds of products, a lot of a lot of people have not heard, the owner must introduce the function to the buyer, or sometimes when customers use there will be some risk, but also through the one, high turnover rate, can greatly increase the profit, it needs time. Two, buy a recommendation

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