23 two buses will temporarily change the line

Reporters learned from the Xining public transportation Refco Group Ltd in October 20th, by the sea lake Wanda Plaza North and South flyover construction impact, at 17:30 on October 23rd to 20:30, 9 Road, bus No. 58 will be temporarily changed.

it is reported that the Lake District Wanda Plaza is currently being constructed, some time ago due to the influence of construction, 9 bus, 58 bus line has repeatedly changed, the erection of the north and South Bridge Wanda Plaza has entered the final stage of construction, under its influence, 9 Road, 58 Road bus will be based on the original route running on the road to travel to the fair 54 road to Yuen Road to restore the original route. 23 days after the end of construction, 9 Road, the road is still maintaining the original route 58 operations.  

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