The site fell in love with the sea can not find how to do The site is down right how to do

drop right is generally divided into 3 types: slight drop right, a right down, K station. The 3 form is seen down the right site cheating or black hat tactics and the severity of the decision, "severe mild light punishment, heavy penalties, heavy death" is the search engine ranking of malicious punishment.

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1, website snapshot not update, or backwards, simply through the webmaster tools often focus on a snapshot update.

feature extraction

site is down right after the fast recovery, how to judge the site is down right? Here briefly, not the focus of this article. The site is down right, when you spend a lot of manpower and resources, put a lot of effort, but can’t see what effect, the weight has not increased. This situation is estimated that each person do not feel good. The site is down right to improper operation, not a long time to recover, a great test for us, today will focus on the website is down right after, how to quickly restore the weight, to minimize the loss. read more

Xiao Wu how to improve the collection rate of website content

Three The stability of

here also requires that a website content update time, this requires a combination of the site itself, view the site log analysis, spiders in what period of time on the site to crawl and grab, so owners need to update the content in the spider before, which is conducive to enhance the website content included rate.

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site structure reasonable here relates to the website optimization, this can believe love Shanghai search under the emergence of a large number of excellent articles, website structure streamlined for providing convenient spider crawling. Optimize the structure of the website mainly includes: URL static, breadcrumb navigation, site maps, page code weight etc.. Here alone stressed site under static and breadcrumbs, believe that every webmaster are clear breadcrumb static website and URL is conducive to spider crawling is also beneficial to the user experience, has the function of killing two birds with one stone. read more

Forever new Shanghai dragon money FAQ

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dear teacher Cardiff on an enterprise template program called echinfo. To find their own tutorial to learn about download it.

Shanghai dragon make money problems

Shanghai dragon

like Shanghai do not go up we can submit promotion by Shanghai dragon to achieve its

heard different voices say how far Shanghai dragon can make money, in fact, I think this question is not our concern, can go to the end, because the search engine will not collapse, Shanghai dragon always straight forward forward. Shanghai dragon become our money online, we are going to let him have been work for us, for our money! Money can go far as Shanghai Longfeng, far away places still exist…… read more

Good quality of your content will be more relaxed in Shanghai Dragon

with the development of China’s Internet, the network has become an indispensable part of our daily life, online shopping is also quietly popular. Many consumers in the store to see if one thing, may not be purchased directly, they may love Shanghai, ask the supplier to Taobao, network, or Jingdong to see the price, the same thing, if the network price than the store price difference is relatively large, the user is likely to be in buy online. With the popularity of the network, the network business is increasingly developed, the value of which is reflected in Shanghai dragon. No matter how the development of the Internet, he is always around a core: user experience. Study on the needs of users, can be the first time to find what the user wants, is the ultimate goal of the major search engines. The search engine will give those who meet the needs of users, the content of good quality website to better display in front of the users, so the search engine will not lose users. So for our Shanghai dragon, we must do the content quality, to meet the needs of users. read more

How to judge the keyword optimization difficulty

, a Shanghai index by love.

How to determine the

network search page number

two, love Shanghai for number


love Shanghai hot topic and Search Ranking, flow through these topics can get a lot of traffic

love the search results more number of relatively more difficult to optimize the search results, the number is more associated with the word "said," more of our competitors, the optimization is more difficult. For example, I search for Dongguan network promotion network promotion and the number of results, as shown in fig.. We can roughly determine the network promotion than Dongguan network promotion more difficult to optimize read more

How to create a cling user movie station

second: let the text information has become enriched

movie website why not well stick to the user? A simple explanation can explain everything: do not know around the user. As an ordinary movie station, it is very difficult for us to do let users remember our website name or domain name, so a lot of time, watching the movie user on your site after leaving, it can be very difficult to come back to this website, so use some platform >

webmaster clearly, now more and more people do, competition is more and more big, and the movie station is also no exception. A movie station to "stick" the user is not easy, because many users to browse movies on Youku, potatoes and other large web site operators, so the film is difficult. read more

A soft how to make it play the biggest effect


soft in addition to promote their own websites, make the promotion of their products, build brands; also can bring to the site outside the chain of high quality, can be said that a good article to the important role for the promotion of the website, now by the soft marketing case is also a lot of friends recently is using soft Wen promotion to sell his jeans, and played a very good effect; also a lot of Shanghai dragon Er is a soft Wen to enhance the site’s weight, two webmaster familiar with: A5 and Chinaz are good places to stationmaster of submission, once included the number will be reproduced hundreds of the chain this is not calculable. read more

Analysis on a website ranking ecological wood single page Shanghai Dragon

ranked Shanghai Longfeng ecological wood


from the published content we can see is the content of the page in December 21, 2013, introduced a more comprehensive, illustrated, it can be said that the ecological wood ceiling structure aspects show a more comprehensive, this query is a valuable page of ecological wood ceiling structure map "for users to search. The search engine is significant for its users in multitude in the Internet to provide the most relevant and valuable to the user’s query page, the user search experience any adverse effects caused by the pages are not love Shanghai search engine on the previous position, otherwise the search engine of the road will become narrower and narrower. read more

A bitter rookie of the Shanghai dragon growth course


every child born from what the language, and then to the toddler to normal walking and talking all need a long process, learning is the same reason, do not know from what, to the end of the master is a very difficult process. In contact with the Shanghai dragon, is now out of full-time service Oliver, no longer have to challenge all through the night, in my little heart. Although it is still the same work in the Internet industry, but it’s really out of the game in this circle, the success to the enterprise and enterprise website optimization, website optimization is a new challenge for me, let me have more vision, said so much, in fact, this topic mainly about my Shanghai dragon growth look at the process, we are not ever so came to. read more

Approach to construct the high quality the chain post ask and soft

When we create a

network of people we should have heard the words "content is king, the chain for the emperor," why? Just because the chain has an important significance for the website, the content is made out for everyone to see, but if no one has a chance to see your content, then all things are useless. Wine is also afraid of deep alley, the chain is in the important role of content. So almost all website promotion people are on the chain, hope to have the chain enough to help you hit a certain promotion effect, to improve the search engine rankings by the chain greatly. However, the ideal is full, the reality is skinny. The high quality of the chain is not so easy to do, and a lot of new entrants to the friends is lack in the chain promotion experience. Then, we use this article to tell everyone to talk about how to build the high quality chain. read more