Save CU staff time, build efficiency with 7 Google shortcuts

first_img 2SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Joe Winn What do you get when you mix auto loan programs with a desire to help others? Well, approaches that make a difference, of course. So what do you get when … Web: Details Online search is part of our lives. A phantom limb, even. Want an answer?Search. Curious about the most random of random topics?Search. There’s a limitless amount of information (of varying value) in the cloud. But it all started somewhere else. Somewhere far less digital.And what we learn from there can help you save time now searching online.Libraries. The Pre-Google.Before Google (yes, there was a time), we used libraries. Remember those places?Buildings with lots of books, maps, and computers (in more recent years), they were where you went for information before Wikipedia.Stocked with the latest encyclopedias and reference materials, a patient researcher could find anything they wanted.Yet it took effort. Like today, you began with your question. Then, using a card catalog, you had to track down which source would most likely answer your question.Finally, knowing the location, you had to physically walk to it, open it up, and start reading.So much to do!How did people get anything done? And how to streamline this process?Ask A LibrarianLibrarians to the rescue. These trained professionals know the system inside and out. They do far more than “shushing” visitors; they are the stewards of the library. Just share the topic you need, and, bam!Off to work they go.Um…”I’m Feeling Lucky”?Back then, they used an organization system called card catalogs to find what you needed.They’d search through microfiche, jotting down seemingly secret codes to help on the journey.Finally, with a pencil raised and smile on their face, they quickly walked you through the maze of stacks, stopping in front of your needed tome.Librarians are the functional equivalent to the “bots” today’s search engines use to prowl the web.Without their help, we would be wandering aimlessly through the library, stopping at what seemed most interesting, but not at all relevant.Definitely not productive.Absolutely wasting time.Just Google it.Today, librarians use many of the same tools as you. Visit your local library to see them in action! Of course, I get that most of your intelligence-gathering will be through search engines.That’s ok.Major search engines learned from those trail-blazing librarians who always knew what you really meant, even if you didn’t explain it all that well.Online, it’s called “intent determination”.That’s a fancy way of saying, “using Artificial Intelligence, the computer figures out what you want to see”.For most queries, it’s simple. Write it, speak it, or even take a picture of it. The search engine returns relevant results.And when you see “search engine”, realize we’re talking about Google.Sure, there’s others (I use Bing), but, according to the latest netmarketshare report (November 2018) 73% of searches were powered by Google while only 7.91% went through Bing.Google also dominates mobile and tablet search usage with a market share of 81%!They have a lot of searches to learn from. As a result, there’s almost nothing Google cannot answer…if you know how to ask.That’s the key. Google has a near-telepathic ability to figure out our intent most of the time. The more of their services you use, the better the relevance will be.However, sometimes, we get stuck doing the digital equivalent of wandering in the library. Google isn’t getting the results we want! And there’s no librarian to help guide us in the right direction!Now what? Ooh, look at that cute video of a deer playing with a dog!Yep, you’re distracted.If somehow you manage to stay focused, just searching multiple terms and visiting numerous pages wastes time. Our time is valuable, right?So let’s make your time searching worth every second.The following are 7 shortcuts to ensure your searches are laser-focused and get you to what you want:1. Tabs – (News, Images, Videos, etc.)I bet you’re a lot like me. When you search, how often do you use the category tabs at the top? Most of the time, I just stay in All and scroll until I find what I want.By not selecting a tab, Google isn’t sure exactly the type of content to surface: “Do they want images, videos, shopping, news, or blog sites?” (You’ve arrived at a pretty awesome blog article site, if I say so myself.)Unsure, the results you see are a mix of most-likely categories. That means more time. And further searches.There’s a better way.Let’s assume your Risk Manager is performing research on potential car loan delinquencies in the coming year. They want to read the latest research.By entering auto loan delinquency outlook in the default (All) tab, 601,000 results appear (01/21/19). Many just aren’t relevant. Switching to the News tab, there are 7,530 targeted results.And most important, the first few results had more relevancy.Gather that data, Risk Manager!Each tab permits further filtering of results. For the previous example, they would ensure news stories appeared no more than 6 months ago.Here’s another scenario: Your Marketing Manager wants a specific image for your institution’s Facebook page, but is concerned about possible copyright infringement.Easy.They can look at the Image tab results, then press Tools and Usage Rights. See a license restriction on the image? Either buy it or find another. (On this topic, check out Pixabay and Unsplash for complimentary royalty-free content.)2. Verbatim – Exactly what you writeA lot of our searches are us tossing random thoughts into the ether, hoping something will make sense of it. Other times, your search is for a precise quote or term.In that case, you want only results which exactly match what you wrote.Easy.Run your search, then hit Tools, All Results. Change it to Verbatim. Now it won’t use synonyms or rearrange the order of your query.Note: This isn’t available on all searches.3. Colon – Search a specific siteThis is one of the most powerful search features. Many websites have search features built-in, but are any as good as Google?Our own sites have very awesome search features, sure. But you’re no Google (or Bing). Respect is given where it’s earned.There’s a way to search a site, and only that site, while enjoying the power of Google. Say you’re researching charters and fields of membership on the NCUA website.Instead of going to, finding the search function, and hoping it looks through the data you want, you can do this:Charters site:ncua.govGoogle knows to search only for that term. Consider this the, “take that, crappy website search function!” feature.4. Asterisk – The wild cardWe’re not talking about required fields on a contact form. Same character, different function. This asterisk is the “wildcard”. It’s the, “I forgot the entire lyric or saying, but I know it goes a bit like this” feature.There might be a business use case, but at this time, I cannot think of one. If it comes in handy, tweet me about it! Here’s how it works:Search term: “the * they are a changin’”Times. The missing word is “times”. Give it a try. Hey, you know what they say about “all * and no * makes * a dull boy”.5. Related – SimilarNo, this won’t find your long lost cousin in Cincinnati (and maybe that’s a good thing) however, it can find sites that are similar to others.Let’s say you are still browsing articles and information on CU Insight and are interested in reading how other credit union media are positioning some of their news.  Here’s what you do:Search term related:cuinsight.comOr, you may be tired of shopping on Amazon (is that even possible), and want to find other online retailers (that’s a thing?). Try this:Product related:amazon.comHey, if this helps you support a local business, hooray!6. Math – Quick calculatorNeed to do some quick math? No need to open an app…nor pull out that old Casio from the back of your desk drawer. Just enter your formula into the search field.It does all basic functions, and many complex ones. Loan amortization isn’t one of them, yet (though there are many calculators on websites for it).So entering “calculate payments on a $30,000 auto loan at 4.5% with a 60-month term” probably won’t give you your desired answer.Though asking Google Assistant just might. They’re all getting awfully good. I mean, I asked Alexa what the current inflation rate was and she had it ready in seconds.With correct order of operations! Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally.I know, your phone has a calculator. Your computer has a calculator. You can ask your favorite voice assistant for the answer.However, is a pretty common home page, and I’m also betting you have a tab open with a search result page showing. So that bar is ready to be used.And be honest, you’re not even trying to do it in your head.7. Where’s my stuff?If you made it down here, you’re an honorary internet native. I bet you shop online daily.So how do you track packages?Raise your hand high if you still go to the carrier’s website with tracking code at the ready. Put that hand down; you’re overworking!Save time by just pasting the tracking number in the search bar. Google will determine the carrier, search for information on your package, and display the tracking results and ETA.It’s 4 minutes away, in case you were wondering.PS – If it’s a package from Amazon, you can always ask Alexa “Where’s my stuff?” and she’ll give you the lowdown.Here’s To Better Searches!last_img read more

Priests dwindling in numbers-Bishop Malzaire

first_img Share Bishop of Roseau, His Lordship Garbiel MalzaireThe Catholic Community in Dominica has raised concern over what they say appears to be a shortage of priest to serve the Caribbean churches.Bishop of Roseau His Lordship Gabriel Malzaire made that revelation at the official launching of Vocation Awareness Week at the Fort Young Hotel this week.He said the initiative was introduced by the Antilles Conference to highlight the need for an increase in local vocations.“Even now when you look on the alter in Dominica, you will notice that many of the faces at the altar are local people, even if they belong to the religious congregations, for the most part you will see that the faces on the alters around the Diocese in Roseau are local people. This is so because the congregations are dwindling in numbers,” he told a press conference this week.He said places like Belgium and France are facing similar challenges.“These places provided for us at one time, our clergy. In fact I would say that we would not expect any new clergy coming from Belgium or France because they have been experiencing a dwindling number for some time,” he said.According to Malzaire, despite what has happened over the years in terms of the formation of local Caribbean men to the priesthood, there is not enough to serve the Caribbean church and it is true in Dominica.“We do not have sufficient young men to serve all the parishes and all the ministries to serve in the diocese, hence the importance of the week of activities where we try to help our faithful to realize the tremendous need there is,” he said.He also explained that the shortage has forced the suspension of the seminary in Trinidad.“There is hope of reopening but at the moment students are being trained in the Dominican Republic because of the dwindling number of students that were coming to the seminary. It came to a point where training was not viable in Trinidad, especially from a financial point of view. We came to a number of eight and we decided to suspend the seminary and send students to a bigger seminary where there is a larger number for students,” he said.The Bishop said without a vocation, the church will not continue in the way designed by Jesus.Dominica Vibes News Sharing is caring! Share FaithLifestyleLocalNews Priests dwindling in numbers-Bishop Malzaire by: – January 11, 2012center_img Tweet Share 44 Views   no discussionslast_img read more

Smalling ready to fight for place

first_img United have told Real Madrid the only way they will sign David de Gea is if they give them Ramos in return. Ramos is regarded as one of the best defenders in Europe. The 29-year-old has won the Primera Division with Madrid three times, as well as the Champions League. He has also won the World Cup and the European Championship on two occasions with Spain. Press Association Should the Spaniard arrive, Smalling’s place in the team would come under threat. The England centre-half became an established player under Louis van Gaal last season, but does not care if he has to tussle with the likes of Ramos for a place in the team next term. “There is always competition at Manchester United,” Smalling said when asked what effect Ramos’ possible arrival could have on his future. “When I signed there were five centre backs already here. “I had to work hard to get past them. At this club you are always going to be compared with the best and you always play with the best.” Smalling has come in for some criticism since he signed for United five years ago. But the former Fulham defender earned Van Gaal’s trust in the final third of last year, starting 12 of the last 13 games, and was rewarded with a new four-year contract. The 25-year-old is now looking to continue his progression under Van Gaal. “I hope my performances keep me in the team,” said Smalling on the day before United’s tour game against the San Jose Earthquakes at the Avaya Stadium. “Once you set a benchmark it is matter of aiming higher. You cannot afford to drop them. I want to make a good start to the season. After that it will just be a question of kicking on.” center_img Chris Smalling is not fazed by the prospect of having to compete with Sergio Ramos for a place in the Manchester United first team. last_img read more

Shamika Marcus defying the odds to succeed

first_imgBy Ras WadadaIN a country where very little is being provided for women’s football development and the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel seems dim, the second local-bred player has broken free from the shackles of the under-development of the sport, here, in Guyana.The first female to do so is goalkeeper Natalie Nedd who is now in her junior year at Graceland University in Iowa.In just under seven years of taking to the “Beautiful Game’ that 23-year-old Shamika Marcus, who hails from the village of Vergenoegen on the East Bank of Essequibo, continues to make positive progress on and off the football pitch. And after her first semester at the Essex County College in Newark, New Jersey she is focussed and determined to succeed.“My first semester at College was tremendous, challenging and interesting. I have learnt a lot, not only academically, but a great lot about myself.“There have been so many lessons about life in my first year at College, and I am truly appreciative of all the experiences and memories so far. At first it was a bit difficult to adapt to the new and different environment but thank God I did. College has definitely made me a stronger individual, willing to accept challenges.“I must add that I am fortunate to be playing with a great and resilient group of young women with an exceptional coaching staff. We had a great season and ended 2nd runners-up in our Region of the NJCAA Division 1 in which I scored 2 goals and had 5 assists.Personally, it has been a first year that can be described, so far, as challenging and fun. The level of play in America is vastly different from in Guyana since it requires a higher level of intensity and more technical awareness,” proclaimed the former Uitvlugt Secondary student who gained passes in 8 CXC subjects in 2014.“My academics are priority for me and I honestly feel there is no other option where my education is concerned, so my focus is finishing my two years at Essex with a high GPA and going on to College for a four-year Bachelor’s degree programme. I believe there is life after football.“It is not easy playing football and studying but the truth is there are so many positives, like it teaches you responsibility on how to manage yourself and time. It is a life skill that you can actually take throughout life and I am enjoying it since it is a learning process on how it can impact on my life in the future”, stated Marcus who attended Philadelphia Primary School at Vergenoegen.The eldest offspring from the union of Keith and Deryl Marcus recalled that it was her Accounts teacher who got her involved in the sport, ”My initiation with the “Beautiful Game’ was in 2013 while attending Uitvlugt Secondary School. It was my teacher Ms Chevon Monchoir, a role model and confidant, whom I admired with much grace that introduced me, and although I was hesitant at first, due to my lack of knowledge, I decided to give it a try and indeed it was the best decision,” a thankful Marcus declared.In an invited comment, teacher Chevon Monchoir professed, “Her attitude towards hard work and commitment to excel earned her accolades in her academics and football. I taught her Principles of Account in Grade 10 and overtime I noticed her athletic ability whenever she played cricket with the boys during recess, so I encouraged her to play football which she declined at first before she eventually committed herself to participate”.“Over the years I have developed a passion for the game and it has become the driving force of my life. My focus on the sport has been persistent hard work and along the way I have experienced tremendous growth and success as well as support from fellow players, close friends and family,” cited the solidly built midfielder who considers herself a utility player.Reflecting on her seven years with the sport, Marcus explained, “In my first year of the sport I was named captain of the school team and we brought 3rd in the West Demerara Football Association’s (WDFA) competition and my performances earned me a place on the WDFA’s female team.The next year, 2014, we improved and won the WDFA Girls Championship. 2016 was a bit disappointing as I was offered a try out at Sporting CP Women’s team in Portugal, but the trip did not materialise. The offer nevertheless provided exposure for me as I was now being viewed as a player with talent and the following year I was called to the Guyana national team’s encampment held in Berbice.That same year 2017, I successfully completed a CONCACAF ‘D’ License Coaching course. In 2018 I was again part of the local National team encampment in the city, this time, and also received my ‘D’ License Certificate”.In 2019, through the instrumentality of former Guyana national footballer, Kevin Beaton, she attended a try-out and secured a 2-year Student Athletic Scholarship at Essex County College in Newark, New Jersey.“I started at Essex on September 4, 2019 in pursuit of an Associate degree in Business Management. In fact, I was also offered a scholarship at Bryan and Stratton College in Upstate NY, but chose Essex since it was more financially sound.”According to Marcus, her first love, as regards sports, is certainly cricket and she still has a love for it, but admitted that, “I have no regrets that I stopped playing cricket and switched to football. At a very tender age, I can remember my dad, who was very strict and never wanted me going over to the neighbour’s house or outside to play with my friends on Sundays.And so he would have me stay indoors to watch cricket and that’s how I fell in love with cricket. My family background is more associated with cricket as I have an uncle, Kevon Boodie who has a double-century playing Inter-county for Essequibo and my late grandfather also played cricket.”Despite never making a Guyana National selection the former Lady Fox says she is thankful for the experiences gained from being encamped with national training squads. Marcus gained a 3.83 GPA in her first semester and is expecting a similar or better grade for the 2nd semester, which had to be done from home online and which results will be known shortly.When questioned on the impact of the COVID-19 she replied, “This pandemic has taken a toll on my psyche and it has been extremely stressful having to deal with remote classes and being homesick. Anxiety has become a part of me since this lockdown but I constantly remind myself that there is a God and should not worry, but pray more and seek his presence.“I have been channelling my energies in a spiritual way and trusting and believing that this will soon be over. During this time I am a bit worried about my family at home, but I have been taught the importance of prayers by my granny, Wilma Marcus.“Whenever I start to feel homesick and think about my parents, I remind myself of the reason for being here and I just pray. However, my motivation is always what my parents have taught me because while growing up their emphasis has always been on education and I really want to make them proud. They are not that talkative but I know they are elated at the opportunity I have been given to be here.”Chronicle Sport also caught up with her coach at Essex County College, Monique Douard who was loud in praise, “Shamika is a well-respected individual who takes her schoolwork seriously. She knows what she wants and why she is here. I wish I had many kids like her. She was part of the impact we had last season and towards the end of the season she made a big improvement on her game after adjusting to the fast-paced game here in the USA. I feel this coming season will be her defining season.”Marcus’ parents, along with many others have been very supportive so far: “The GFF has definitely played a pivotal role with needed resources and also Claudia Simon, a Guyanese living in the USA, Forrester Lumber Yard, team mates, family members and friends too numerous to mention. It has been a collective effort that I am really thankful for.”last_img read more