National Day of joy and harmony long holidays those who stick to the line

During the National Day golden week, most people work troubles aside and the pressure of the life, or family reunion, or visiting friends and relatives, or go sightseeing, rest or play, but there is still a group of people, quietly stick in the workplace, with their hard work in exchange for the convenience of people’s lives during the festival.

as long as the driver said thank you, all the grievances are worth

Hello, May you be safe throughout the journey!" In October 1st National Day, Chaoyang highway toll station, the "angel" toll Zhao Lizheng skillfully working, in the ordinary post for 7 years, she can not remember the number of holidays is spent on the job. The 27 year old Zhao Li has a gentle and amiable face, spoke weak Eclisse, in the ordinary post, she had to create extraordinary results: 2012 charges more than one hundred yuan, the car more than one hundred thousand vehicles, without a mistake, the attendance rate of 100%, each month, civilized language service with a smile the performance was the highest total, almost every month was named "smile service model". read more